Prime minister urged to publish proposals for press freedom reform
The Shift has joined over a hundred individuals, including
Extreme function
Those extremists at Moviment Graffitti were at it again.
Joseph and the Character Assassination Propaganda Machine
A disgraced former Prime Minister walks into an inquiry
No bridge over troubled waters
Robert Abela’s rise to power was quite an easy
It’s about injustice, not only trees
We knew it already but the government’s actions underline
Yes, the Attard protests are political
Of all the lessons that history teaches us about
Malta government only paying ‘lip service’ to its human rights obligations, UN hears
Leading international press freedom and human rights organisations raised
Beyond the slogans, where’s the substance?
Patriarchy isn’t merely a misogynistic system that places men
What’s in your head, Zombie?
There’s a process in linguistics known as fossilisation, in
Activist assaulted while laying flowers for Daphne Caruana Galizia
An activist was assaulted while laying flowers and candles
From ‘civil rights champions’ to denying citizens the right to protest 
The right to protest is one of the cornerstones
Malta for dummies #2: The rule of force
In Malta, where everything is upside down and topsy-turvy,
Protesters deserve our gratitude
We got used to the fact that law enforcement
Hate speech and double standards
The horrific hit-and-run of PC Schembri triggered widespread outrage

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