Capitalism, corruption and criminality
Joseph Muscat’s government has now been in power for
MEP rule of law report: confirming our obvious demands
The main conclusion of  a European Parliament report by
The sea of death: Europe’s shame is ours too
2018 has started with more loss of life in
Justice, against all odds
In court last Tuesday, with a few minutes at
Progressing backwards
It is worrying that the Education Commissioner within the
Credit where credit is due
While there is no doubt that the head of
Some buildings scheduled… others condemned
This week the Planning Authority (PA) scheduled eight houses
United for the wrong reasons
Principles do not exist in Maltese politics. When faced
Gozo: Worth the promise
Gozo is a very conveniently packaged proposition for politicians. It
Government’s own projections show Sadeen will breach AUM contract
On 14 December 2015 Parliament held a marathon session
Plugging the big ODZ loophole
The Partit Demokratiku is presenting a private members bill
Revitalising political engagement among youth
The youth are growing accustomed, if not sick, of
A head-butt and Malta’s most feminist government
Home Affairs Minister Michael Farrugia yesterday defended Mario Tonna,
A good move by the PN on Zonqor
The motion calling on government to revoke the deed
Eight planning decisions to watch out for in 2018
DB’s City Centre project The PA will be considering
Wealth is not reaching those who need it most
In his customary New Year speech Prime Minister Joseph
Deal, no deal actually
It turns out that Opposition Leader Adrian Delia’s Christmas
Hungrier by the minute
The appetite for more is growing.  Cafe’ Premier was
Crunch time in 2018: Should I stay or should I go?
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat had repeatedly declared that he
A dodgy Christmas Tax Deal for Delia
Opposition Leader Adrian Delia owes €80,000 in unpaid taxes,
2018: Will Italian election re-open Malta’s migration floodgates?
One major factor weighing on the Maltese political scene
2017: A ‘strongman’ wins the country, another the PN
The last quarter of 2017 saw a dramatic change
Three gifts for Malta’s political leaders
Boxing Day got its name from the Christmas box;
Help us defend freedom of expression
The Shift is being threatened by Henley and Partners
The Planning Authority’s seven deadly sins in 2017
Through 2017 the Planning Authority (PA) continued to issue
PD calls the shots as PN gets bogged down in hunting swamp
The motion calling on the government to retract the
Brexit will trigger majority for branding Malta a tax haven
It was British Labour MEPs Seb Dance, Neena Gill and John Howarth who
11 reasons why Muscat remains on top
Any Prime Minister facing the prospect of the EU
Prime Minister should first set example on law and order
On Sunday, Muscat said that in the coming years
Five trolls you’ll meet on social media (and how to deal with them)
Anyone who uses social media regularly must have experienced

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