The Planning Authority’s top 5 profanities of 2018
This was again a good year for developers and
Bah! Humbug! A Happy Christmas to (almost) everyone
Two days before Christmas, Malta refused entry to over
It’s our business to question why police won’t act on ‘criminally tainted’ deal
As activists gathered outside Castille last week demanding to
Legacy on the line
Unsurprisingly, social media was awash with comments and posts
We don’t need no due diligence 
The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) chief Joseph Cuschieri
‘If we lose the free press, we cease to be a democracy’
“His aim is to confuse the public, so that
Back to the Labour’s future
In Malta, it’s never actually about the policies or
Democracy is dead, long live democracy
Word has it that when the Venice Commission report
The miseducation of democracy
Two days after Bidnija was stained with the blood
What’s in your head, Zombie?
There’s a process in linguistics known as fossilisation, in
Citizens of a parallel universe 
Living in Malta quite often feels like you’re in
Why are taxpayers forking out €1.4m to permit more air pollution?
In a recent report by the European Environment Agency,
Poverty: reality vs perception 
Last week, Josanne Cutajar, a senior lecturer at the
Let’s call hypocrisy by its name
If one child starts bullying another child in a
The poster boy of democracy’s slow death
Konrad Mizzi has said he wants to complete the
When crime pays
Justice Minister Owen Bonnici put to lie Finance Minister
Schroedinger’s (Mus)Cat
In most areas of our life we all understand
The construction of death
‘In Malta, there are 1,264 different ways to die
Political ownership of the media must end
The problem with addressing risk factors in the media
No, Prime Minister – the law dictates otherwise
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has declared that he will
Business as usual
Akram Almshay, 26 year old male of Libyan nationality,
GUEST POST: ‘This is Malta’
A post on social media by Robert Zammit, after
We shall not be led ‘like sheep to the slaughter’
In 1783, one of the founding fathers of the
On absurdity: Keith, Konrad and Caligula
The French philosopher Albert Camus used the Roman emperor
Oh my dystopian dream
Living in Malta increasingly feels like a dream. For
Manoel Island: another monster in the making?
The rough leaf-shape of Manoel Island could soon be
Malta is under attack, from the inside
I have sat back and watched with utter amazement
Make no mistake, Mizzi and Schembri must go 
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat might be playing for time
Unions must get their act together
In his Budget speech earlier this month Prime Minister
New beginnings, same old outcomes
PN leader Adrian Delia’s promised ‘New Way’ has seen