A toxic mix of planning and politics
The most unexpected aspect of the controversial permit for
‘This is not on’, said the Dodger to the fly
Dodging journalists. Avoiding interviews. Running away from tough questions.
Parliament should summon Neville Gafà
For too long, the press has declined to address
They killed a journalist and created a monster
You have to ask what motivates a man to
Another paper tiger
This government has a strong record of creating paper
Defending precious spaces of Cospicua
On Sunday morning, residents of Senglea and Cospicua braved
‘They did it, too!’
“It’s okay to give Kurt Farrugia Malta Enterprise because
A dirty bill of health
No well-governed country is immune from corruption. Normally, however,
How much does Malta have to give?
Malta has a racism problem, and nothing is being
What will make them listen?
The dust is settling after a week of collective
Identity Malta and Hitchens’ Razor
The late Christopher Hitchens, scourge of humbuggery, once formulated
Judicial schizophrenia
Justice Joanne Vella Cuschieri has ruled that Malta Enterprise’s right
Cracks appear in the government’s piggy bank
Who thought extending ‘‘interest-free’ property loans to people who
The battle for our minds
Tory Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s strategy, from a position
The excuse of hindsight, or a vision with foresight?
Joseph Muscat walked up the Auberge de Castille staircase
Journalists should be pussycats not watchdogs
The implications of last week’s court decision by Judge
The future is female, wiping out the past
Joseph Muscat gave a speech at the United Nations
A stillborn inquiry
This week British members of parliament railed against their
It’s my turn to eat
If you watched it, you’ll remember how you felt
Women on the way out
Two of our very few, experienced women politicians are
The inquiry of forking paths
All eyes have been on the Board members of
Diverting public attention from the story that won’t die
In the make-belief land of Malta, perception matters more
On your marks, get set… not yet
Will he go or won’t he? When Joseph Muscat
‘Getting Things Done’ while everyone is stuck in traffic
Ian Borg may be ‘Getting Things Done’, but you
Spinning away an award
Had Caroline Muscat won the Reporters Without Borders (RSF)
False neutrality isn’t non-partisan
The Council of Europe said this. Muscat said that.
Protests, pledges and politicians
Last Saturday’s environmental protest brought together many different parts
Ending the siege mentality
One of the dominant ways in which we think
The silent coup in Valletta
Loud street protests are all over the news. People
At least, we’re not Malta
We’re not Malta, fortunately. That was the sentiment expressed

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