The duty of candour
On 24 March 2005, Andreas Lubitz deliberately crashed a
Axis vs Allied: The truth wars
A banner goes up outside the offices of The
Silence of the clams
The courtroom dramas of this past week have torn
Innocents don’t keep secrets
“There is not a crime, there is not a
Justice isn’t a game show
Is there anyone in Malta who isn’t desperate to
Different puppet, same moves
A minister in Robert Abela’s government was involved in
New Zealand lamb
I found the timing of Keith Schembri’s arraignment and
The broken spell 
Yesterday’s arraignments were not a day of triumph for
Common criminals
Keith Schembri, who not so long ago brushed aside
It’s no longer possible to separate the criminals from the politicians
Robert Abela won’t take action unless the hitman the
Private opulence amid public squalor
Publice egestas, privatim opulentia – public squalor, private opulence
The damn nation
The latest cartoon from the Charlie Hebdo stables to
It’s not enough to ridicule absurdities
Some things are so absurd that they manage to
Where is the anger?
“The man who is angry at the right things
Autocratic and abusive
The government is targeting its critics again. This time
Fearne knew nothing, but backed Vitals anyway
Chris Fearne knew nothing and was not involved in
Hot under the collar
That press conference. People were still talking about it
Dodger’s gone, Dodge City remains
Babylon had Hammurabi. Judaism had Moses. Classical Athens had
Under pressure
Watching Robert Abela’s extraordinary response to legitimate questions from
It’s time to start holding Joseph Muscat accountable
Oops, he did it again. Joseph Muscat’s been found
Unexplained Wealth Orders: Why Edward Zammit Lewis shot them down
Zamora Hajiyeva, an Azerbaijani banker’s wife, spent €16 million
Oceania 1984, Malta 2021
The flashes began with the news that Assistant Commissioner
For a future that guarantees the past
The President’s conference on national unity yesterday was held
Don’t give me away
Don’t give me away, someone once said to his
It doesn’t end here
Robert Abela wants you to believe that the confession
The rise and fall of James Piscopo: How Keith Schembri handed him the Black Spot
In Robert Louis Stevenson’s ‘Treasure Island’, pirate captain Billy
We could be anti-heroes
The end of this month brought with it the
Patriotism and character
The other day, as I was listening to the
Frying pans and fire
What a disappointment Bernard Grech is turning out to
Standards are worthless without accountability
Regulations exist on paper, but laws are only as

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