Pushing for change
A month ago, soon after Joseph Muscat announced his
The Unbearable Ugliness of Being Joseph
Kemm hu ikrah li tkun intom. (How ugly it
Joseph Muscat’s insurance policy
One week to go and Labour gets a new
Just say no, Joseph
Just because someone offers you something doesn’t mean you
Let’s have the whole truth in 2020
Yesterday evening, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat broadcast his final
Vox Populi, Vox Dei
This must have been the longest December in the
On Joseph Muscat’s watch
He kept insisting he wanted to resolve the Daphne
Setting the future straight
Today is Christmas day and the shocking events of
There is no darkness but ignorance
Winter has come. It was announced with the shortest
Ask what you can do for your country
A lot of us have spent over three years
Living in bubbles that burst
Opposition leader Adrian Delia has won the Constitutional case
Uncomfortably dumb through Yuletide
We’ve put an ignominious Republic Day commemoration behind us,
Malta’s exportable Art of the Shady Deal
Some countries specialise in technology, others specialise in services.
Not ‘business as usual’ in Valletta
Labour MP Robert Abela thinks that the ongoing regular
Seize the moment
Sunday afternoon turned out to be quite surreal. As
A living Constitution, a petrified President
I am still bewildered by the President’s inaction, by
Blame the system, not just the crooks
With the spotlight on the rot surrounding Joseph Muscat,
The King of Kickbackistan goes full dictator
Joseph Muscat hasn’t just stopped speaking to journalists. Now
Labour’s labour currency
Melvin Theuma’s letter of insurance that appeared in The
The tip of the iceberg
Emotions are running very high. The gravity of the
The failed state of the man who would be il-Kink
Malta’s democracy looks like someone in the last stages
In the name of the people… Go!
In one of Malta’s darkest weeks, as Europe (and
If Muscat won’t bail out, he must be pushed
After a tumultuous week, it is evident that Joseph
Joseph Muscat’s fight for survival
There’s a hole in the space where Joseph Muscat’s
That final blog post
The situation is desperate, and even worse since Daphne
Whispering a revolution
In May 2017 I co-founded a group called the
Our tough man in Castille
It shouldn’t need saying, but it’s part of our
Who’s watching the watcher?
What if Yorgen Fenech decided to ask for a
Owen Bonnici’s shattered serenity
Owen Bonnici had a bad night. Why would he
The faces of an assassination
The three men accused of carrying out the murder

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