Conscience of the State
President George Vella and his conscience are in the
Sleeping with the fishes
The publication of the conclusions of the public inquiry
Whose interests are being served?
Malta’s rusted wheels of justice have clanked and squealed
Bedingfield’s banality
Why do ordinary people do appalling things? The political
Snakes and ladders
It’s not just what; it’s who. It’s not just
A strategy for space: more hot air from Owen Bonnici
Malta is certainly in the gutter now, but Research
A ministry is the gift that keeps giving
Joseph Muscat is the national curse that keeps on
Burying bad news
“Another positive certificate for Malta,” ONE News announced after
The great deceiver: why Sant’s toxic ideas are always deadly
Three days ago, failed former prime minister and supreme
The tapir and the elephant 
As public demands for his resignation mount, Edward Zammit
Tyrants and murderers always fall in the end
“When I despair, I remember that all through history
No justice without accountability
Robert Abela has no intention of taking serious action
Predictive failure
“Hospital numbers confirm that COVID is under control” Robert
The quack that ducked
If it quacks and walks like a duck, then
The rule of delinquents confirmed
As Robert Abela, prime minister and former adviser to
This fish rotted from the head down
There’s no proof that the government killed Daphne Caruana
Enabling slavery
On 14 March 2015, Leilei Liao was found in
Bleak house
In April 2020 I had penned a “letter to
Robert Abela’s plan of attack
In Friday’s speech to Labour’s general party conference, Robert
The dishonesty of double standards
Equality Minister Owen Bonnici, who has been condemned by
Justice through the looking glass
If you want to understand the government’s intent, you
Gafa’s gaffes
Police Commissioner Angelo Gafa finally called a press conference.
Peregin’s PN pitch: lesser evil revisited
The Nationalist Party’s latest election strategist has begun to
Spinning the inquiry
Some communication experts are specialists in what is called
Beware long covid, the epidemic’s sting in the tail
One in every 20 people infected with covid-19 will
The hypocrisy he believes in
Owen Bonnici’s latest vapid waffling about ‘the Malta he
Valley roads
“They had come to the desolation that lay before
Bluster out of weakness 
Every time Robert Abela states that he has shown
Standing up for human rights, only when it suits us
China’s brutal dictatorship is without doubt one of the
The ruin of dishonesty
“We didn’t deserve it”. “Only three countries wanted us

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