Maritime industry lobby fine with new TM CEO’s potential conflicts of interest

The Malta Maritime Forum industry lobby group finds no problem with the fact that the government has appointed its own executive board member and maritime business owner, Jonathan Borg, as the industry’s new regulator.

The Forum, which normally supports a distinction between operators and regulators, has welcomed Borg’s appointment as Transport Malta’s chief executive officer.

Up until his appointment, Borg was an active member of the MMF’s executive board until the appointment and is also the owner of marine and infrastructure industry player the Bluhull Group.

While many in the industry shared their concerns with The Shift about the fact that the regulator is now headed by a person with a personal business interest in the decisions taken by Transport Malta, MMF CEO Kevin Borg downplayed those concerns.

“Upon being nominated CEO of Transport Malta, Jonathan Borg resigned from the Board of Directors of MMF and from his private maritime business,” Kevin Borg told The Shift.

“This he did in order to concentrate solely on his new role. His nomination had the unanimous support of the Board of Directors of MMF and we can confirm that we have not received any comment to the contrary from any MMF member.”

When The Shift pointed out that the CEO’s resignation from his private interests was merely a paper transaction since his roles were transferred to his wife and that he is still a maritime business owner, the MMF CEO declined to comment.

A post in which the the MMF congratulates its board member on his appointment as the sector’s regulator.

The Shift has previously reported how eyebrows were raised among maritime industry operators, including MMF members, when the government announced the Bluhull Group’s owner was to be made the industry’s regulator.

When it comes to the maritime section of Transport Malta’s operations, Borg may be called upon to choose between his own business interests and those of the country.

Among Borg’s business activities, for example, is the securing of various Transport Malta permits for his clients, including some related to a private port agency.

Borg had been handpicked for the job by Transport Minister Aaron Farrugia. The two are known to be close and Farrugia had already appointed Borg to the lower-key role as Yachting Malta chairman.

Borg replaces Brigadier Jeffrey Curmi who was ousted from the CEO post less than a year after his appointment, which had been made on the direct order of Prime Minister Robert Abela.

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30 days ago

Dan il-pajjiż ghandu problemi serji. Meta l-ovvju u l-bilfors isiru “u ija mexxi”… id-dittatorjat isir aktar perikoluż ghax ikollu l-approvazzjoni tal-massa… u f’dal-kaz l-approvazzjoni tas-suppost professjonali tal-pajjiż.

Dan il-gvern hu organizzazzjoni kriminali.
Dan il-poplu hu xini tal-piraterija go maltempata.

30 days ago

Clearly, the only ‘conflict of interests’ the PL knows about is being against them. Everything else, doesn’t matter and everybody is pleased in every way one might think of.

It is also crystal clear that the PL knows no other people who are competent for the various CEO jobs because they always replace one another with one of their own.

I wonder, what is the ‘super career in three months with one promotion per month’ Brigadier doing now.

30 days ago

🤪I am not sure if there is an attempt at a joke here right now or if this so-called government is a very bad joke.

27 days ago

Make every vote count!

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