Transport Malta: minister fudges CEO dismissal as brigadier stays put

After boldly announcing changes to be made at the helm of Transport Malta last March, Transport Minister Aaron Farrugia has failed to implement any changes, with the current head of the government agency digging his heels in and refusing to leave his post.

Brigadier Jeffrey Curmi was appointed CEO of Transport Malta less than a year ago, in June 2022, on the direct order of Prime Minister Robert Abela.

The Shift revealed he was given a €115,000 annual salary until June 2025 on a three-year definite contract.

While the imminent resignation of Brigadier Jeffrey Curmi from the post of CEO was widely reported last month, with officials from Aaron Farrugia’s Ministry leaking information to the media on his replacement, the CEO has stayed put and is still at the helm of the transport regulator.

Internal sources have confirmed that the CEO has had a fallout with the minister over the management of the regulator. Yet Curmi refuses to leave his post until he is given compensation or an alternative placement.

“The Brigadier is insisting that he has done nothing wrong and will not resign as ordered by the minister. He will only do so if he is either paid for the rest of the contract, which amounts to a financial package of some €115,000 a year, or is given an alternative government appointment of the same nature,” sources confirmed.

This has apparently led to disagreement between Minister Farrugia and Prime Minister Robert Abela over the minister’s complete mishandling of the situation.

Curmi’s contract stipulates that the government may terminate the contract without notice. However, this would entitle the Brigadier to compensation, to be forked out by taxpayers.

On 20 March, a day after the reported resignation of Jeffrey Curmi, Minister Aaron Farrugia told The Times of Malta that he would be “announcing changes at Transport Malta the day after”.

Minister Farrugia has not implemented the changes for almost a month since his announcement.

Brigadier Curmi refused to comment on the situation.

Curmi made headlines as soon as the Labour Party was returned to power in 2013 when he received four consecutive accelerated promotions in the span of six months to become Brigadier.

One of those interviewing him for his army promotions was Ramona Attard, now the President of the Labour Party.

It was revealed in 2017 in reply to parliamentary questions that, on Curmi’s watch, 885 promotions were issued by the AFM between 1 May and 2 June – the period in which the electoral campaign was announced and voting day.


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1 month ago

The Brigadier told the baby minister to fuck off.

Paul Pullicino
Paul Pullicino
1 month ago

Fights in the Mafia schoolyard.

Joseph Tabone Adami
Joseph Tabone Adami
1 month ago

Disagreement between the Transport Minister and his superior – a very costly one to be borne by the tax-payers, of course, just as happened in others!

1 month ago

Maybe it would be best if Aaron Farrugia asks his mum for some advice about this situation.

1 month ago

The Transport Ministry is simply too much to handle for 1 Minister . The Minister is constantly fighting massive waves of criticism it is clear that he is struggling to do what he was tasked to do. On his appointment to the MTIP the Minister has decided to stay put at his Santa Venera Office instead of shifting his new office to replace his predecessor Minister Borg at Floriana. There must be a reason why he wants to stay far away from the centre , Valletta most probably for egoistic reasons. The majority of the entities falling under this Ministry are based in Valletta who have to travel to his majesty when they are requested to do so.
He is simply not practical and self centered.

Last edited 1 month ago by Kondar

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