Journalist files second libel suit against Saviour Balzan

Former journalist Ivan Camilleri has filed another libel suit against Media Today managing editor Saviour Balzan for publishing an article that claimed he tipped off murder suspect Yorgen Fenech.

This is the second libel suit filed by Camilleri against Balzan over the claim that he informed Fenech, who is suspected of being the mastermind behind journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia’s death, of his imminent arrest. The article was published on 20 December 2019 on and titled Ivan Camilleri fired from The Times after allegedly contacting Yorgen Fenech. It was written by Yendrick Cioffi.

The story was published with a prominent photo of Camilleri and stated that he was mentioned in court in connection with Fenech’s murder trial.

In the libel suit, Camilleri pointed out that he had categorically denied these allegations and never discussed anything remotely connected to the murder case of Caruana Galizia with Fenech.

The article made incorrect claims and implicated discussions with Fenech that never took place.

He called on the court to state that the article was libelous and defamatory and award him the maximum amount of damages permitted by law.

Camilleri said he had already filed separate legal proceedings against other defamatory claims made against him that led him to lose his job at Allied Newspapers.

In fact, last week he filed a judicial protest against Allied Newspapers, claiming wrongful dismissal and seeking compensation after he was fired in December.

Allied Newspapers then issued a statement that they were going to sue Camilleri, saying his statements to the media were “untrue and libellous.

Two weeks ago, he filed a libel against Balzan over an article titled Times sacks Ivan Camilleri after an alleged tip-off to Yorgen Fenech mentioned in court published on 20 December. It claimed that Allied Newspapers, fired Camilleri in connection with a message Fenech received on the eve of his attempted escape from Portomaso harbour.

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