‘You can cover up all the monuments, but we’ll still be here’

Citizens voiced their determination to keep up the struggle for justice and democracy on the day marking 11 months since the assassination of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia against a backdrop of a public monument sealed off from public view.

“The Great Siege monument represents the public will for a better Malta throughout history. Once again we are under siege. This monument was blocked off. But they can block all the monuments in the country because we’ll still be here,” Occupy Justice activist Joanna Agius said.

Activists drew attention to the fact that no politician investigated by Caruana Galizia has been questioned or investigated, leading to a continuing spiral of corruption.

“Government is obliged to give us answers if this is a real democracy. It’s our right to protest. It’s our right to speak freely,” the activists said.

“We are here because it is in these times that we must speak up and voice our call for justice and democracy. Nothing will silence our call for truth, justice and liberty”.

Former MNPN President Marion Pace Axiaq spoke of Caruana Galizia’s resilience. She recounted a moment when the journalist was in public and she was harassed and insulted just for being present. “I admired her. She remained silent, she didn’t respond, but you could see her determination”.

Occupy Justice activists said: “We are determined to fight for our rights, for a just and equal society, for a real democracy… We will only leave here when justice is done and the truth is known. Only then we can say we are living in a strong democracy. Until then, we’ll be here”.

Speakers pointed out that those who wanted her dead thought that Caruana Galizia’s resilience would die with her, but they were wrong

“We are not scared of your threats and your insults. They only make us stronger. In the end, Malta will win”.

Meawhile, the monument that was blocked off with urgency last week for “restoration to start immediately” has not had any work on it done yet, The Shift News reported earlier.

Activists had to guard the banner placed on the wall erected to surround the monument since yesterday, after government workers removed it earlier in the day.


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