‘Hungary vote a warning for Malta’ – MEP David Casa

PN head of delegation David Casa said the vote against Hungary today was a warning to Malta – it must now show that democracy and the will of the people rule above all else.

He said the PN MEPs voted for Hungarian citizens and their liberties and freedom, including media freedom. “We voted for the Hungarian people. We voted against corruption. We voted in favour of the rule of law. We voted in favour of press freedom, not only in Malta but also in Hungary, in Europe”.

The European Parliament voted in favour of initiating Article 7 against Hungary for breaching the European Union’s core values.

Casa was hitting back at criticism that PN MEPs fighting corruption in Malta were intended to harm the country.

He pointed out that although Orban hailed from the same political home as the PN in Malta, MEPs voted in favour of citizens not their political group.

“PN MEPs don’t only speak up when there are problems with the rule of law in Malta, but also to defend it in Europe for the benefit of citizens,” Casa said in a recorded statement.

He said the vote against Hungary was a warning to Malta. “Now that the EP has voted on Hungary, their eyes will turn on Malta. The Maltese government must realise that now is the time to change things so we don’t end up in the same situation”.

The government should immediately state who owns the company 17 Black, and it must genuinely do all it can to reveal who was behind the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia. “And people should be allowed to commemorate her on the 16th of every month,” Casa said referring to the blocking off of the Great Siege monument last weekend that served as a makeshift memorial for the journalist.

“In Malta, we must be able to say that democracy and the will of the people rule above all else,” Casa said.


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