€1,000 prize for alternative ideas to traffic

Project Aegle is kicking off a competition calling for innovative ideas for sustainable mobility in Malta and providing an alternative solution to the heavy traffic and congestion.

The Innovation Prize aims to bring together ideas about traffic and mobility with a €1,000 win for the first prize, €500 for the second and €300 for the third.

“I believe that there are a lot of ideas out there about how to improve sustainable mobility and we would like to provide a platform for those ideas in the form of a Project Aegle Innovation Prize. I am looking forward to hearing about all the ideas and to see what we can achieve together,” Nicoletta Moss, Project Aegle manager, said.

The aim of the competition is to hear from all – young and old – and see what solutions they can come up with.

“It does not matter how big or small the idea is – every contribution can make a difference to how we view our mobility and make it more sustainable. We would like to hear from the kid who would like to go to school by bicycle, the young entrepreneur with his start-up idea to encourage people to shift to greener modes of transport, and the student who would like to share a piece of research,” Maria Attard, University Head of Geography and Director of the Institute for Climate Change and Sustainable Development, said.

Those interested need to visit www.projectaegle.com.mt, fill in an online registration form and then send in a brief description of the idea to [email protected]

Deadline for participation is 15 November and the winners, who will be chosen by a panel of experts, will be announced on 14 November.

Project Aegle is a non-profit initiative with the mission to advance quality of life through improved mobility.

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