Protest calling for ‘Justice and Truth’ to be held on Sunday 

#occupyjustice and Awturi call on people to join protest on Sunday afternoon in Valletta

Protest near castille
Following the assassination of an eminent journalist, a murder that shocked the whole country, and its aftermath of public protests contrasted with the determined business as usual spiel of the government

Two organisations are organising a protest on Sunday afternoon in Valletta to ask for political responsibility as well as serious and independent investigations into the revelations on corruption and money laundering.

#occupyjustice and Awturi said they were “gravely concerned” about recent developments brought about by the Daphne Project as they encouraged civil society to attend the protest.

“We are inviting everyone, including institutions in the Maltese community – political parties, churches, unions and employers, societies and other organisations – to attend this gathering in a sincere demand for Justice and Truth.”

Gepostet von Occupy Justice Malta am Mittwoch, 25. April 2018

They said it is very clear that minister Konrad Mizzi lied to the Maltese and European Parliaments, and that both he and the Prime Minister’s chief of staff Keith Schembri lied to the people about their involvement in 17 Black.

“We now know, through documentary evidence, that they set up a structure to earn 150,000 euro a month in bribes. The Prime Minister has not dismissed them,” the two organisations said.

Secondly, #occupyjustice  and Awturi said, international media report that it is likely that Maltese security services had been tapping into the phone communications of at least one of the alleged assassins of Daphne Caruana Galizia for some time before he killed her, and they did nothing to stop him.

“In spite of these reports no investigation has been called. The Prime Minister leads the committee that oversees the security service and has not provided answers about what has really happened.”

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