‘Funds should have never been allowed to leave Pilatus Bank’ – EPP

Pilatus Bank transferred over half the funds held by the bank since assassinated journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia started her revelations on its operations, but it is not clear where the amounts went, the EPP said in a statement.

Pilatus Bank currently holds €126.9 million in funds – what is left after the transfers were done.This is the amount frozen by the Malta Financial Services Authority and the EPP is seeking more information on what was transferred already and what might be transferred in the future.

MEP Head of Delegation MEP David Casa said: “It is clear now that these funds are possibly the proceeds of criminal activity and must be investigated”.

Casa has written to over 50 Financial Intelligence Units requesting an investigation into:

  • Purchases of assets in their jurisdiction with funds originating from Pilatus Bank;
  • Funds transferred through entities in their jurisdiction that originated from Pilatus Bank;
  • Any future transfers of funds of which they become aware that will originate from Pilatus Bank;
  • Transfers that involve Brian Tonna and his firm Nexia BT.

Casa made reference to evidence contained in leaked reports from Malta’s anti-money laundering agency as well as the recent revelations of the Daphne Project that show the extensive operations of Pilatus Bank in handling funds belonging to the Azeri ruling family, Maltese Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and the complicity of Nexia BT.


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