PN councillor resigns from Party

Nationalist Party councillor Charlot Cassar yesterday cut his ties with the political party and will continue to retain his role as an independent representative of citizens on the Marsascala local council.

In a letter sent to the PN, seen by The Shift News, Cassar said: “At this point, I feel that my place is no longer with the PN…my primary concern is driven by that which is good and just in the service of the people”.

Cassar fought against the controversial American University project that gave pristine public land on one of the most beautiful coasts on the island to an unknown Jordanian developer with no credentials to build a university.

That project was one of a number of controversial projects by the Labour government, such as the Vitals Global Healthcare deal, in which yet again unknown people got handed a contract they could not fulfil.

Lecturers at the university who spoke to The Shift News admitted they doubted the AUM was even a university. The number of students also fell far short of what was promised, and some have never even attended using the student visa to escape their home country.

Cassar, who was also a PN candidate in the last general election, was also vocal on the return of the abandoned Jerma Palace Hotel site to the public.

In his letter to the PN, Cassar said: “To serve the people, my loyalty must lie with my values – honesty, loyalty, transparency and accountability. For this reason, my place is not within the Party”.


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