UPDATED: MEP David Casa gives court report ‘buried’ by Malta’s anti-money laundering agency

Updated to include Minister Konrad Mizzi’s comment.

Nationalist MEP David Casa said in a press conference this morning that he has presented the secret FIAU report showing “money laundering on an enormous, unprecedented scale by members of government” to a magistrate to conduct investigations into the actions of Minister Konrad Mizzi, exposed in the Panama Papers.

Casa said the report that was buried by Malta’s anti-money laundering agency showed detailed evidence of schemes, systems, behaviour and collusion in corruption and money laundering on a massive scale, involving a member of the executive and other public officials in the Office of the Prime Minister – this is a first for Malta.

“This conclusive report on Minister Konrad Mizzi can no longer be avoided. That is why, after the first analysis of this report, I decided to go to the Magistrate to initiate an investigation against Minister Konrad Mizzi, and to determine how and why the FIAU chose to hide the final report.,” Casa said at a press conference today.

Last December, Casa had announced that he was in possession of a conclusive FIAU report, which had been completed in March 2017 – three months before the last general election. This report focused exclusively on Mizzi, and how he colluded with the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff Keith Schembri to open up secret companies to be used for money coming from illicit activities.

The report concluded the police should take action against Mizzi based on extensive evidence of  Mizzi’s activities – including bank statements, travel details and more.

Casa said the report – a total of 128 pages – was being studied by a team of legal and financial experts. After he was given the first analysis by this team, he felt he had to immediately inform the Magistrate, he said.

An inquiry should not only investigate Konrad Mizzi, but also establish how and why the FIAU concealed this report, he added.

The MEP also made reference to a series of lies by Mizzi mentioned in the FIAU report, as well as numerous “frantic attempts” to hide his actions. Among others, this report contains other evidence – such as dates, numbers and names of other individuals – as well as an analysis of all the negotiations involving Mizzi, dates of such negotiations, including the sale of Enemalta.

“Prime Minister Joseph Muscat should dismiss Mizzi today,” Casa said.

Nationalist MP Jason Azzopardi, Casa’s lawyer, explained the process within the Maltese Courts. He said that after Casa submitted the application to Court, the Magistrate would then decide whether to call for Casa to submit the information.

“If I am called, I will go to Court immediately to give all evidence under oath,” the MEP said.

Azzopardi said that it was then up to the Magistrate to decide whether such information was relevant or if it was to be passed on to another Magistrate.

In a statement, Minister Mizzi reiterated that no wrongdoing whatsoever was committed. He alleged this was a campaign coordinated with the writer of the draft report, and the report was written to be leaked. Finance Minister Edward Scicluna had spoken on similar lines soon after the election.

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