202 new dwellings instead of Salina Wharf hotel

Six blocks rising up to seven floors proposed on site of former hotel in what was once an area zoned for villas.

Twenty-six maisonettes, 162 apartments and 14 penthouses built in six apartments rising seven floors are being proposed instead of the low rise Salina Wharf Hotel in St Paul’s Bay.

The project  which covers 5,280 square metres of land will include three basement levels set to include shops and an underground carpark for 277 cars.

Development in the area has been imminent since August 2017 when the Planning Authority approved an application to change the zoning of the area from one allowing only villas and bungalows to one allowing 25-metre high terraced development.  The proposal had been presented by Justin Zammit Tabona on behalf of Durley Investment Ltd.

Residents who spoke to The Shift expressed concern that the project will practically block sun light and turn what was once a quaint area into a concrete jungle.

The site had been zoned for villa or bungalow development in the 1960s Town Planning Schemes.

But the local plan approved in 2006 foresaw the redevelopment of this area into apartment blocks because development in the surrounding areas had already compromised its character.

The application for the new development is being presented by Michael Bugeja, one of the owners of the Bilom construction group.

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