Human Rights Commissioner exposes Robert Abela’s lies
The first thing the Council of Europe’s Commissioner for
Robert Abela’s sham
“The committee sees no reason why the economic wealth
Media reform: minister claims wide public consultation that never happened
Presenting the government’s long-awaited media reform emerging from the
Public inquiry: a year on and only one of 28 key recommendations fully implemented
Although the recommendations of the board of public inquiry
The change we demand
One of the most revealing comments about Malta was
Government must publish press expert committee’s assessment ‘immediately’
The Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation on Thursday called on
On anniversary of public inquiry report, 9 international organisations insist ‘implementation remains crucial’
Nine leading international press freedom organisations said on the
Prime minister in breach of terms of reference he set for press freedom reform
Prime Minister Robert Abela is in breach of the
Keeping up appearances – Ranier Fsadni
One of life’s mysteries is how two men could
‘We cannot continue like this’ – Friends of the Earth Malta launches climate change campaign
“We cannot continue like this. We cannot keep pushing
Saviour Balzan has to go
Waking up this morning to the prospect of a
Government proposals ‘more concerned with regulating, than enabling media’
The government’s press freedom proposals have “a long way
Government’s press freedom proposals ‘not enough’
The media experts committee appointed by Prime Minister Robert
The press needs good faith not just new laws
What’s needed to implement the Caruana Galizia public inquiry’s
Patterns of resistance
The government’s reluctance, verging on recalcitrance, for meaningful reform
A broad phantom consultation
There’s a Muriel Spark story where an elderly spinster
Condemning one’s own narrative
It was ultimately more surprising that a government spokesperson
Hard hearts
They didn’t like what she was reporting, didn’t like
On the abuse of office
“What’s in it for you?” is perhaps one of
Unfit for office, and oblivious
He was screwing his face up, scowling and frowning,
Divine accountability
“That which I do, I do before God”. This
Conscience of the State
President George Vella and his conscience are in the
‘Yorgen Fenech’s bosom buddy should not be reforming laws’ – Moviment Graffitti
“Yorgen Fenech’s bosom buddy”, Justice Minister Edward Zammit Lewis,
The tapir and the elephant 
As public demands for his resignation mount, Edward Zammit
‘Groundbreaking confirmation of the role political propaganda played in her death’
An extensive, six-month investigation by The Shift into the
No justice without accountability
Robert Abela has no intention of taking serious action

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