Remembering them
On 5 January the mother of Justin Plette posted
Who took those photos?
Four days ago, in London, two Metropolitan Police officers
Black Boxes
I almost skipped writing an article this week. Arguments
The Electrogas hockey stick
The EU could end up helping accused murderer Yorgen
Slovak journalists to face charges for revealing spy-for-hire in Jan Kuciak case
Two journalists from Slovak independent media platform Dennik N
Forty-seven months
It’s been almost four years since the brutal assassination
Conscience of the State
President George Vella and his conscience are in the
Sleeping with the fishes
The publication of the conclusions of the public inquiry
Whose interests are being served?
Malta’s rusted wheels of justice have clanked and squealed
Speak up now, Yorgen Fenech
It’s taken far too long, but finally, it’s been
‘Groundbreaking confirmation of the role political propaganda played in her death’
An extensive, six-month investigation by The Shift into the
Once, we had a country
Once, we had a country – until Joseph Muscat
The rule of delinquents confirmed
As Robert Abela, prime minister and former adviser to
This fish rotted from the head down
There’s no proof that the government killed Daphne Caruana
Murderers in government: Labour’s poisonous legacy
The Maltese state is responsible for the assassination of
Conclusions of public inquiry into Daphne Caruana Galizia’s death expected this week
The public inquiry into the assassination of journalist Daphne
Horror on a loop
As the islands face yet another monumental crisis, Maltese
Abusing the bereaved
Glenn Bedingfield, in his latest parliamentary streak of callousness,
The sixteenth of every month
Wednesday marked 44 months since Daphne Caruana Galizia was
The tyranny of hypocrisy 
What a nest of venomous vipers Malta is. So
Hijacked nation
The European Parliament’s resolution condemning the Malta Labour Party’s
RSF praises ‘tremendous progress’ achieved by activists seeking justice for Daphne
Activists seeking justice for assassinated journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia
International calls for justice for Greek journalist gunned down in ‘professional hit’
The international human rights and media community has strongly

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