The judges go marching in
When the President swore in the three new judges
Land of contradictions
The United States has often been called the “land
Where do MEP candidates stand on environmental protection?
Birdlife Malta has called on all MEP candidates to
Down the Gozo rabbit hole
It is impossible to support a road tunnel from
‘Those responsible for Daphne Caruana Galizia murder must be brought to justice’ – UK government
The British Foreign Office has condemned the murder of
A darkening horizon
Liberal critics of the current state of Maltese politics
Housewives, witches and prostitutes in parliament
Malta’s six members of the European Parliament are perfectly
Disinformation Watch #32: Trump and Muscat’s playbook – ‘get out of jail free’
Populist strongmen use the same disinformation tactics wherever they
Politics of angry triumphalism
Should you today pay brief attention (I’d recommend it)
Malta to open spring hunting season despite illegalities on record
Birdlife Malta received a number of illegally shot birds
Throwing your vote away
The European parliamentary elections are fast approaching. Compared to
Why all the flowers go
Another vigil, another clean sweep of the flowers and
Can you locate Rwanda on a map? It’s one of those countries trouncing Malta on women in parliament
Well designed gender quotas lead to significantly more women
European civil liberties NGOs brand Labour Party ‘anti-EU’ ahead of elections
A Europe-wide campaign being waged by human rights organisations prior
Pravda in the Med
“The Party is always right.” At least, that’s what
The elephant in the room
A video that went viral today on social media
Disinformation Watch #31: On calls for votes for those who ‘love the country’
For anyone “to come here and give the impression
Army promotions: Who will shoulder political responsibility?
The Ombudsman’s report confirming allegations that a massive number
Shut up and be positive
Just when you thought you’d heard it all –
Passport-selling patriots
May’s MEP elections are expected to pit liberal democratic
An epidemic of shamelessness
Konrad Mizzi, the Minister who negotiated the deal with
The great Maltese dream
“Socialism never took root in America because the poor
The other party crisis
The meaning of every crisis borrows from others looming
Bianca Jagger denies links with White Flag organisation endorsed by Malta
Former actress and human rights advocate Bianca Jagger is
Beyond the slogans, where’s the substance?
Patriarchy isn’t merely a misogynistic system that places men
It’s our business to question why police won’t act on ‘criminally tainted’ deal
As activists gathered outside Castille last week demanding to
Back to the Labour’s future
In Malta, it’s never actually about the policies or
What’s in your head, Zombie?
There’s a process in linguistics known as fossilisation, in
Malta for Dummies #12 – Keeping it all in the family at the Lands Authority
Like most, if not all, things in Malta, recent
Holy Smoke, One News is wrong again
The tale of two altar boys in Spain who

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