What’s up double doc?

If I could, I’d remove both Robert Abela and Chris Fearne from the Labour ranks because, if these two are the brainiest and best to take over the Party, I’d like to know what the idiots look like or sound like.

I used to hope that some people in the Party in government had a few brain cells. But would these have continued to support more than once, the likes of Joseph Muscat, Konrad Mizzi and Chris Cardona through votes of confidence? And always repeatedly backing Muscat in his total bonding with Keith Schembri?

If they – the brainiest of the pack – backed the criminals and supported them all the way, doesn’t this prove how utterly daft the two docs are?

All those in power now seem to be singing the same tune: they were duped, they were betrayed, they were never in on the criminality.

Basically, they are admitting they are dumb, or devious. Isn’t one of the capabilities you need to lead a Party and a whole nation, the knack of seeing through people? They claim to have been hoodwinked, easily taken in – truly good credentials to go on screwing this country; or, rather, letting others do the screwing while the top post is held by a total cretin.

The two contestants can’t see through people. They cannot even reach obvious conclusions. Because a number of people pointed out to them over and over again that the dots were more than glaringly obvious to connect and consign Muscat and his inner circle to hell or jail or political extinction.

That they didn’t, and even now won’t, condemn Muscat is another reason why the brainiest among all Labour people come across as totally wrong to lead a Party and country. But then it seems Labour is destined to choose leaders who always make a mess of things.

Since they set off on the race to take this poisoned chalice, Fearne has spouted garbage and Abela has even gone beyond. He is not just a fool but a frightening threat to democracy – a continuation of the Muscat legacy.

Abela holds the media in contempt, has also said that he will keep the same Cabinet and that he will confer with Muscat. Might he also ask Muscat to join his Cabinet? The post of Tourism Minister is, after all, vacant.

Does this make me hope for a Fearne victory? Or will Fearne just act like a fool who moves from one disaster to another?

He passed a despicable comment about the PN – the joke of non-jokes of the century that he would want his epitaph to read RIPN. Yet that was hardly what impressed me most during that infernal interview.

He told his following, who were chanting and singing his praise as if he were the begetter of messiahs, that a great film is about to be produced in Malta. This will, he announced, bring a cascade of money into the economy: It’s the economy stupid! The economy is the most important part of our life even according to the good doc.

That was not enough. He prophesied that this film of films will be a huge blockbuster watched all over the world by hundreds of millions. Everyone and his dog and cheetah will watch it and all will be fine. Malta, after this film is launched, can breathe easy.

The film, said Fearne, will be an important moment in our life. It will change the impression that foreigners have of Malta.

The reputational harm suffered will easily be solved by a piece of celluloid. Who cares about looking into what harm has been wreaked on the local institutions and on the rule of law? Who cares if a journalist was assassinated and that he was deputy prime minister while the State did everything to obstruct the course of justice?

Maybe the only hope for Malta is to find a Ġaħan, a local folklore idiot, and give him the mantle of premiership.

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