Your cowardice and greed killed Daphne
It’s a strange coincidence that my 100th column for
Another day, another direct order
What do arms dealers and zookeepers know about medical
Collaborators and enablers
I watched the non-face off that was the Xarabank
No end in sight for coastal caravan saga
There’s no end in sight for the saga of
Some are more equal than others
Someone committed perjury in Malta but no one’s been
The Venice Commission is a joke
A recent package of constitutional reforms was trumpeted as
Don’t seek and you won’t find
“You’ll never find anything if you never look.” Translate
Why fix what you can hide?
In their latest attempt to make things look better
Malta is highly contagious
There’s a plague raging on the streets of Malta,
An epidemic of collective amnesia
Malta is suffering from an epidemic of collective amnesia.
Everyone’s digging their heels in
Deny, deny, deny. And when the clock runs out
It’s time for Peter Grech to go
The former Head of the economic crimes unit has
Mizzi was always expendable
Another domino has fallen, but it’s too soon to
It’s time for Europol to intervene
The brutal killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia will not
It looks bad because it is bad
“It looks bad, but it’s not.” So said Edward
Why is Cardona still walking around?
The Deputy Leader of the Labour Party is accused
Empty words and technicalities
“No thanks, we’ve already got some.” That was the
What are they so desperate to hide?
Someone sure doesn’t want Joseph Muscat’s resignation letter to
Buying silence one stooge at a time
Former Police Commissioner Lawrence Cutajar is the latest Muscat
Human trafficking on pirate island
The Muscat Regime was like a cross between King
Another day, another dodgy contract
Another day, another dodgy contract. I wonder, what’s it
‘Pandemic or not, we will never stop’ – international NGOs’ call for justice
A number of International Press Freedom organisations started their
You’re only making it worse for yourself
Well that didn’t take long. Keith Schembri’s short-lived publishing
Keith Schembri has a fake newspaper
We each respond to a raging pandemic in our
Watch what they do, not what they say
When you want to evaluate someone, don’t listen to
The price of corruption is coming home
Every ‘larger than life’ figure has its trademark. With
Scandal games for quarantined kids
Social distancing, shop closures, and work from home have
No one believes Malta anymore
You know this isn’t working anymore, don’t you? No
Miriam Pace didn’t deserve to die like this
The latest building collapse in Santa Venera is a
Redefining ‘normality’
Within a few weeks of his election, Prime Minister