Calls for justice mark 57th birthday of assassinated journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia

On the occasion of Daphne Caruana Galizia’s 57th birthday, tributes have been pouring in from those who knew her, worked with her, and campaigned for justice after her assassination.

Almost four years after her assassination by a car bomb, court proceedings against some of the accused killers are still ongoing and investigations far from complete.

Mandy Mallia, Daphne’s sister posted a heartfelt tribute that spoke of how loved and missed she is.

“Always at the heart of everything we do and never, ever forgotten, especially today, her 57th birthday.”

She added that Daphne had so much life left to give and so much to live for.

Leading the international media organizations response was the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom, which renewed its call for justice for Daphne and an end to the continuing impunity for the “horrible crime.”

PEN International announced a poetry memorial comprising of a collection of poems dedicated to her. PENs international President Jennifer Clement said that the memorial was a “tribute to her courage and bravery” but also a reminder of the relentless threats she and her family have endured and continue to endure.

“Daphne Caruana Galizia was targeted because of her work because she dared to express her opinions because she refused to be silenced. She stood up against the highest levels of corruption and paid the ultimate price. Her legacy lives on. We stand alongside her family in their fight for full justice and accountability,” she added.

Rebecca Vincent, Head of International Campaigns at Reporters Without Borders, spoke of her heartbreak at having to mark another anniversary without justice.

“We press on for justice,” she said.

The Justice for Journalists Foundation commemorated her birthday by highlighting the importance of ending impunity and bringing perpetrators to account.

Reporters Without Borders called for everyone involved in the “heinous crime” to be brought to justice without delay.

Vera Jourova, the Vice-President for Values and Transparency at the European Commission said her thoughts are with all Daphne’s friends, colleagues, and family. She also noted that the Commission is working on recommendations to improve the safety of journalists.

Locally, civil society group Repulikka spoke of their commitment to fighting for justice for Daphne and her stories.

Occupy Justice wrote that Daphne had inspired many people to speak out. They said that while they are unable to bring her back, they can continue to fight for justice for her and her stories.

Today it was reported that accused killer Yorgen Fenech is expected to be questioned and charged with conspiracy to import weapons purchased on the dark web. It’s alleged he bought an arsenal including grenades, cyanide, machine guns, pistols and some 800 bullets online and paid for them with Bitcoin.

The news comes just days after Fenech was indicted for conspiring to assassinate her. He will face a jury on an as yet unknown date, on charges of complicity in murder and criminal association. Prosecutors are likely to ask for the maximum life sentence for complicity in murder and a further 20-30 years for criminal association.

At the end of July, the public inquiry into the assassination that the Labour Government and disgraced ex-Prime Minister Joseph Muscat tried to block concluded that both Muscat and his government were responsible for her assassination. 

Findings included multiple and wide-reaching failures in every part of the administration, state, government, cabinet, and law enforcement that culminated in a collapse in the rule of law and a culture of total impunity.

The 400+ page report also included various recommendations that would reform every aspect of government and its institutions as well as providing protection for journalists and rebuilding media freedom in the country.

Since the reports’ publication, no reforms have been announced and no action has been taken against anyone identified as being responsible or having failed to do their job properly.


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11 months ago

yorgen – your downfall is thanks to a brave and courageous woman whom you have assisted in her assassination.
Having to spend a lifetime in a cell is much worse knowing that the your partners in crime are enjoying their loot.
Shame them all, it’s only fair that they share your prize!!!!! you’re paying for all of them.

Henry s Pace
Henry s Pace
11 months ago

‘ Since the reports’ publication, no reforms have been announced and no action has been taken against anyone identified as being responsible or having failed to do their job properly. .
That is bully bobby’s continuity

11 months ago

There can be no reforms nor justice as long as the status quo remains.

Perhaps it will have to take Yorgen Fenech to live up to his claim that he would take them all down with him for justice to be served, if he doesn’t meet the same fate as Daphne before his days in court come.

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