Jean Paul Sofia’s parents keep up the pressure for public inquiry
Construction collapse victim Jean Paul Sofia’s mother Isabelle Bonnici
The Freemasons, the witch hunt and the kangaroo court – Jacques René Zammit
Disgraced. That’s the first thing they have in common.
Malta’s ranking an all-time low in Corruption Perception Index
Malta’s ranking reached an all-time low in Transparency International’s
Christmas carolling with The Shift
‘Twas the night before Christmas, and down at The
How many more have to die?
Six construction workers were buried beneath the rubble of
Desperately defending Pilatus
“It’s not that we want to hide the truth”,
Consulting payments are a red flag
“What Michael Stivala and Joseph Muscat do in their
‘Masterminds behind journalist murders almost never face justice’ – IPI
Journalism has become one of the world’s most dangerous
Subsidising energy while Electrogas scores
As the European Union sprints into recession, the finance
Melvin Theuma’s refusal to testify
Melvin Theuma has refused to testify against the men
EP sends strong message on impunity afforded to high-level officials
European Parliament members have sent an unequivocal message to
Getting away with murder
Another 16th has come. Next month marks five years
Livin’ (at) large in Dubai
Ahh, to be young and free in Dubai, especially
Suitcases in the night
Frustrated citizens took to the streets again this week
State of the nation – Andre Delicata
It’s no figure of speech to say that the
Labour undermining security – Kevin Cassar
“The news was dominated by the story of Iosif
Voters in Malta love a good thief
I know ‘Only in Malta’ has become a cliche,
Robert Abela’s programme in two words
There’s a rule of thumb that distinguishes a democratically
Malta’s options are running out
The impunity enjoyed by the disgraced former prime minister
Living on borrowed money and borrowed time
The prime minister seems to have lost the plot
Chris Fearne’s perennial hypocrisy
Chris Fearne was supposed to be the ‘clean one’.
Resolutions in the land of collusion
Plague Year Two ended in a haze of smoke
Clean up your act, or someone else will
The United States sent a clear message to Malta
Is the prime minister protecting criminals?
It’s long past time for Prime Minister Abela to
An epidemic of fiscal mismanagement
The latest report from the National Audit Office (NAO)
You have a right to look under their carpets
Economy Minister Silvio Schembri can’t seem to keep track
Robert Abela’s Catch-22
Robert Abela has threatened to take “all possible legal
The magic of making the illegal legal
Well that wasn’t much of a surprise, was it?
Immunity and impunity
‘Immunity’ has to be the word for 2021. The
Consulting fees or deferred bribes?
The police say they are investigating Joseph Muscat for

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