The tenor and the Sopranos 
Here’s a placard from the French 2002 presidential election:
Robert Abela’s bind
As in one of those ‘Neputija tal-Kappillan’ farces, in
Good governance is not the order of the day
It is unclear why anyone would think it was
A broad phantom consultation
There’s a Muriel Spark story where an elderly spinster
Reclaiming what is political
The government’s repeated attempts at discrediting the public inquiry
When continuity does not work
The Ancient Greeks would resort to an Oracle whenever
The Importance of Being Bernard
Barring any last-minute surprises, the race for nationalist party
Politicians hold ‘disproportionate authority’ over public professionals
A public policy professor has warned of the disproportionate authority
‘Slow progress’ on reforms to tackle money laundering and corruption
The European Commission has expressed concern over Malta’s ‘attractiveness’
Rule of law reforms reflect Prime Minister’s reluctance to shift power
If first impressions count, then the first impression of
The leisure of gods
If you think democracy and transparency are expensive –
Life before and after ‘the war’
It takes a very short moment of reflection to
Abela’s can, Muscat’s worms
Consider these two extraordinary cases. A minister does the
Can you hear it?
Guest commentary by Tom Welch “Can you hear it?
An allergy to responsibility
An epidemic is sweeping across Malta. It has already
Politics in Malta: doing favours, winning friends
The late Labour Party strongman, and former Prime Minister
Democracy is not mob rule
What would you do if your electrician said it’s
Sorry man, can’t tell you
“So how much are we paying for that?” “Sorry
Disinformation Watch #17: Crime, corruption and Edward Scicluna’s fantasies
Finance Minister Edward Scicluna is under fire for his
Civil society matters
Democracy is defined as ‘rule of the people’. Since
Life in the trenches of political warfare 
The headquarters of the two main political parties sit
Why does the PM keep the Commissioner?
There have been repeated calls for the removal of
A human economy
Free markets fail to give due consideration to the
The Shift is your story
We are humbled by the positive reaction to the

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