The Shift is your story

We are humbled by the positive reaction to the launch of The Shift, which confirms the popular demand for a principled media outlet that stands for good governance and democratic values. We thank you for your support and we remind you that this is your platform.

We intended to have a soft launch, but traffic exceeded our expectations. As a result, the site experienced technical problems that have now been resolved. We apologise for the inconvenience caused to those who had difficulty accessing the site. We have used the time to change the infrastructure to cope with demand.

To ensure the success of this new venture we need your support.  The Shift is a platform for action. You can be part of this movement for change. So how can you help?

  • Contact us on stories you would like us to investigate.
  • Contribute by sending us opinion articles, creative memes and videos you would like us to publish.
  • If you are involved in any initiative aimed at protecting the common good or celebrating diversity, both personally or as part of an NGO, share it with us so we can look at ways of supporting your initiatives.
  • Share stories, memes, videos and opinions published on The Shift on the social media.

The Shift cannot exist without your input. The only way to change Malta for the better is to share experiences, struggles and ideas. We live in a networked society, where everyone’s voice counts.

Unity in diversity brings strength. We have no monopoly on the truth, and we are sure that there are many out there who want to speak their truths to power. We offer you this platform. Your feedback is the most precious thing we can have.



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