Online violence: the new frontline
Online violence has become the new frontline in journalism
Former Cambridge Analytica boss banned from company directorships for seven years
Alexander Nix, the former Cambridge Analytica chief, has been
Facebook and Twitter biggest source of misinformation during coronavirus
Facebook and messaging apps such as Messenger and WhatsApp
The ugly behind the pretty: How disinformation is thriving on Instagram
The creation and spread of false or deliberately misleading
Online misinformation growing through Facebook & Whatsapp
The spread of misinformation often takes place via groups
Malta one of 70 countries using organised social media manipulation campaigns
Malta is one of 70 countries having used organised
Businessman suing UK journalist linked to firms threatening press in Malta
Arron Banks, the controversial British businessman with links to
Propaganda, disinformation and social media limiting democracy – EP report
Concerted propaganda and disinformation campaigns are limiting democracy, human
Dangerous liaisons and the news
A new Reformation is underway in Europe and North
Son of murdered journalist warns World Economic Forum about harassment
The lack of action on the harassment faced by
Concerns grow over ‘privacy deathstars’ collection of personal data
Over the last couple of years, concerns of how
Malta signs UN migration agreement despite Abela saying he would not
Malta signed a UN agreement that sets in action
Facebook could face a $1.6 billion fine over massive data breach
The Irish Data Protection Commission has opened a formal
50 million Facebook users attacked in huge security breach
If you were asked to log into your Facebook
Facebook bans quiz app over concerns of misused data
Facebook has permanently banned the personality quiz app ‘myPersonality’
European political parties to be fined for misusing personal data – Commission
The European Commission is working on a set of
The art of faking news
A study by the Stanford Graduate School of Education
Thank you for hating
How often have you, as a Facebook user logged
Head of Cambridge Analytica accused of taking $8m before bankruptcy
The former chief executive of the scandal-hit Cambridge Analytica
Il-King ta’ Malta: Muscat worship and Labour hate groups
Worship of Prime Minister Joseph Muscat is reaching unprecedented
Disinformation Watch #1: Fake Facebook account behind unsubstantiated attacks on opposition MP
The Labour Party associated daily newspaper L-Orizzont ran a
Launching The Shift News Disinformation Watch
A decade before her assassination, Daphne Caruana Galizia wrote
Democracy in chains: eliminating the need for journalists
As pro-Labour Facebook groups peddling hate and inciting violence
Cambridge Analytica could remerge under new name
Cambridge Analytica this week announced that it is folding
Was Cambridge Analytica’s psychological warfare used in Malta?
This week Cambridge Analytica, as well as its parent
Find out if Cambridge Analytica have your data
Facebook has launched a tool which allows users to
The data Facebook has on you is just a click away
By now you surely know about Cambridge Analytica, the
Prime Minister sues Matthew Caruana Galizia over Facebook post
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat is suing Matthew Caruana Galizia over