Disinformation Watch #1: Fake Facebook account behind unsubstantiated attacks on opposition MP
The Labour Party associated daily newspaper L-Orizzont ran a
Launching The Shift News Disinformation Watch
A decade before her assassination, Daphne Caruana Galizia wrote
Democracy in chains: eliminating the need for journalists
As pro-Labour Facebook groups peddling hate and inciting violence
Cambridge Analytica could remerge under new name
Cambridge Analytica this week announced that it is folding
Was Cambridge Analytica’s psychological warfare used in Malta?
This week Cambridge Analytica, as well as its parent
Find out if Cambridge Analytica have your data
Facebook has launched a tool which allows users to
The data Facebook has on you is just a click away
By now you surely know about Cambridge Analytica, the
Prime Minister sues Matthew Caruana Galizia over Facebook post
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat is suing Matthew Caruana Galizia over

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