Malta only country in EU to miss ‘every single target’ on emissions
Malta is the only country in the EU to
Schroedinger’s (Mus)Cat
In most areas of our life we all understand
#DontLetThemDrown: Human Rights NGOs appeal for safe port for rescued migrants
A coalition of human rights NGOs have expressed their
Media Pluralism Monitor report notes deterioration in Malta
The lack of political independence of the media is
EU lawmakers propose new whistleblower protection law
MEPs have agreed to introduce new legal mechanisms to protect
OLAF finds gross irregularities at Malta-based EU asylum office
The EU’s anti-fraud watchdog OLAF has uncovered a range
European Parliament special committee calls for ‘phasing out’ of golden visa schemes
Malta’s cash-for-passport scheme has once again been described as
The Dictator’s Handbook #8: Power and corruption
The Dictator’s Handbook emphasises repeatedly how leaders stay in
Roberta Metsola to lead new EU borders law
Maltese MEP Roberta Metsola has been tasked by the
Trapping at tax payers’ expense
The trapping season opened on 20 October, for Song
MEPs call for outright ban of neo-Nazi and neo-fascist groups in Europe
MEPs have overwhelmingly voted in favour of banning Neo-Nazi
60 journalists demand to know ‘who killed Daphne?’
Sixty Italian journalists have signed a declaration demanding the
Facebook could face a $1.6 billion fine over massive data breach
The Irish Data Protection Commission has opened a formal
The infinite wisdom of the Attorney General 
Testifying in court this week, Attorney General Peter Grech
‘Wake up Europe’, indeed!
The op-ed by European leaders published in some of
Rise of far-right worries EU leaders
Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat joined other European leaders
Archbishop calls on lawmakers to protect quality of life of future generations
Solidarity was the running theme in Archbishop Charles Scicluna’s
Merde alors!
An exasperated Jean Asselborn – Luxembourg’s Foreign Affairs Minister
Report calls on EU to introduce common cryptocurrency rules
The EU has been urged to implement common regulations
Confidential report exposes gaps in EU banking system
A confidential report on money laundering within the EU
Where there’s smoke, there’s fire 
The black plumes of smoke rising from the Maghtab
Metsola welcomes new EU funds to support investigative journalism
In the wake of the horrific assassinations of journalists
EU military expert warns against returning migrants to Libya
The former director of the Maltese coast guard, Colonel
Amnesty blames deaths at sea on Italy and Malta
Malta and Italy’s policies are to blame for the deaths
Police use tear gas against anti-corruption protestors in Romania 
Romanian riot police used tear gas and water cannons
UPDATED: EU proposes to pay €6,000 for each disembarked migrant
Brussels will offer EU governments €6,000 for every migrant
Why Brexit won’t happen
This article is later than planned because I am
‘Murders of journalists cannot be tolerated in the EU’ – Justice Commissioner
Interview by Jane Whyatt The Justice Commissioner of the
NGOs are doing what the EU is unwilling to do
We live in an upside down world. Take Malta,
Déjà vu: EU leaders agree to share migration responsibilities, voluntarily
EU leaders agreed on opening “voluntary controlled centres” in

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