An open letter to Minister Edward Scicluna from a whistleblower

An open letter to Edward Scicluna, Finance Minister and member of the Board of governors of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), from a whistleblower. The Shift News is publishing it in full.

Dear Dr Scicluna,

Please be aware of a massive criminal racket which you are able to put an end to. The reputation of the government of Malta has been damaged by a series of scandals. This is an opportunity for you to demonstrate that the government of Malta can be a positive force in the European Union, fighting against fraud, corruption, and money laundering.

I have been resident in Malta ever since fleeing from Latvia because I was the whistleblower in the largest fraud in Latvian history, the pyramid fraud at Parex Bank. Assets of Parex were given away in fake loans to people linked to Vladimir Putin’s Tambovskaya Mafia.

Then, the corrupt Latvian government announced that Parex collapsed because of the United States and Sweden and used a quarter of the national budget to bail out shell company deposit accounts in 2008 and 2009. During the bailout, many of the shell company deposits and people from Parex Bank moved to ABLV Bank which continued laundering money for organised crime groups from Russia, Latvia, Moldova, and Ukraine for another decade until shut down by the US Treasury earlier this year.

ABLV Bank has been in the news in Malta because of mysterious payments of $1.4 million to offshore company 17 Black.

The reason you can help is because you are on the Board of Governors of the EBRD. Evidence clearly shows that Latvian authorities knew that Parex had been looted already before the 2008-2009 bailout. And, that Latvian authorities made a secret arrangement with the EBRD to cover-up the looting.

The EBRD made a fake due diligence on Parex in 2009 and announced the purchase of a stake in Parex because supposedly it was valuable. I was already in exile and receiving threats and this fake due diligence covered-up my whistleblowing.

Also, the Latvian government designated the EBRD cover up fraud as a ‘State secret’ which means it was illegal for journalists in Latvia to mention either my whistleblowing or the EBRD cover-up of my whistleblowing.

In 2014, I successfully got confirmation that the EBRD only ‘bought’ the stake because the Latvian government secretly promised to reverse the privatisation later at a guaranteed profit to the EBRD as a reward for helping the Latvian government to dupe Latvian voters.

However, Eurostat refused to force Latvia to correct its financial statements and the mainstream media refused to pressure Eurostat. The fraud was massive, doubling the Latvian national debt for the benefit of the mafia while simultaneously helping Latvia to fraudulently enter the Eurozone and issue billions of euro of bonds which are mostly owned by the European Central Bank.

Of course these are crimes against Latvia, Malta, and everyone else in the European Union. Also, European taxpayers are getting ripped off because we are funding the EBRD with a mission to foster transparency and democracy while it is actually doing the opposite.

You can expose and shut down one of the largest and longest-running fraud rackets in Europe in a day. I can’t do this myself because the EBRD refuses to communicate with whistleblowers, even though they claim the opposite.

Please publish an open letter to the EBRD asking them to confirm or deny that (1) Parex Bank was looted, (2) the EBRD due diligence on Parex in 2009 was fake, (3) the privatisation of a stake in Parex to the EBRD in 2009 was fake, and therefore (4) Latvia entered the Eurozone fraudulently and issued fraudulent bonds bought by the ECB.

Evidence is on my website. Links to this website appeared in the New York Times and Bloomberg earlier this year, however amazingly the folks in the Latvian government and EBRD are still pretending not to know about it.

This is a serious matter because key people associated with Parex and later ABLV have been connected with Vladimir Putin by the American and Spanish governments. They will continue corrupting European institutions and stealing billions of euros from Europeans until someone stops them.

Thank you for your service to Malta and Europe,

John Christmas

John Christmas is the whistleblower from Parex Bank (which precipitated a financial crisis in Latvia). The US banker joined the bank in 2002 as Head of International Relations. After a couple of years, he passed on information on fraudulent deals to the authorities, but he said the evidence was never properly investigated. He had to flee Latvia following threats.

Disclaimer: The information, assertions, analysis and views expressed in the article are the exclusivity of the author.


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