Simon Busuttil: Pilatus Bank’s owner arrest ‘gives new hope’
The arrest of Pilatus Bank owner Seyed Ali Sadr
Murder ‘a consequence of verbal attacks on journalists by State representatives’
Journalists said they were deeply concerned about the cold
Investigative journalist shot dead in his home
An investigative journalist working on tax fraud, Jan Kuciak,
No real change in Transparency International’s corruption ranking for Malta since last year
Malta gained one place in Transparency International’s global ranking
Capitalism, corruption and criminality
Joseph Muscat’s government has now been in power for
United for the wrong reasons
Principles do not exist in Maltese politics. When faced
Daphne Caruana Galizia is La Repubblica’s Person of the Year
Italian daily La Repubblica has named slain journalist Daphne
Trust in Malta police tackling corruption falls by 6 points
The percentage of Maltese who believe that the police
13 point increase in perception that tenders are rigged
The percentage of business who think that ‘corruption in
Dangerous tribalism and fake nationalism
The latest facebook threat by someone who believes that
Corruption: We are our own problem
It was one of those completely serendipitous moments. I
Europe has not failed us, Muscat did
MEPs who lambasted Malta’s track record on the rule
The real war on truth
“The Ministry of Truth contained, it was said, three
Omertà – our collusion in the great corrupt takeover
The press did not choose to inform us about

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