NGOs, local councils file crowdfunded appeal against DB Group’s Pembroke towers
After four years of appeals and demonstrations against DB
10 protests stymied during pandemic on fear of reprisals following police objections
The police have objected to ten protest applications citing
Repubblika calls for interim government to see through FATF changes until next election
Civil society NGO Repubblika called for an interim government
Repubblika’s president slams Rosianne Cutajar after speech in parliament targeting activists
Repubblika president Robert Aquilina has called out Labour MP
‘Worrying degree of democratic backsliding’ – Council of Europe report
The latest annual report on the state of democracy,
Autocratic and abusive
The government is targeting its critics again. This time
The hill we climb
Young Amanda Gorman delivered a magnificent speech at President
Am I next?
The language of violence has increased at an alarming
The politics of anger 
Maybe Aristotle was the first philosopher to say that,
Three years on, The Shift’s role is more urgent than ever
Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination just over three years ago
By popular opinion
I was proud to be among the contributors to
WATCH: ‘When they come undone’
Daphne Caruana Galizia did not give up despite the
Breaking news shouldn’t break us
“It is institutions that help preserve decency. They need
A call for wider, deeper reforms in Venice Commission’s guarded opinion
In an 18-page report filled with caveats, subtleties and
Get off that high horse, Bobby
Repubblika, the civil society organisation that has become Prime
Our second-hand-for-new salesman
Joseph Muscat used to take pride in being dubbed
Seize the moment
Sunday afternoon turned out to be quite surreal. As
‘Time for national unity’
Opposition Leader Adrian Delia’s decision to cancel the PN
The sanity of crowds
“What is there new to say?” asked Petra Caruana,
What will make them listen?
The dust is settling after a week of collective
International pressure essential for journalists’ protection
Human rights, anti-corruption and media freedom organisations called on
Ending the siege mentality
One of the dominant ways in which we think
In favour of development
Moviment Graffitti has a great slogan – Iż-żejjed kollu
Constitutional reform: The case for a process led by citizens
Guest commentary by Marion Pace Asciak, President NGO Repubblika
European Commission questioned on its action on rule of law in Malta
Questions tabled at the European Parliament on Thursday have
The great Maltese dream
“Socialism never took root in America because the poor
The plight of ‘homeless voters’
The Maltese electorate can be more or less divided
Civil society matters
Democracy is defined as ‘rule of the people’. Since
Casa: Pilatus whistleblower should not be in jail
Whistleblowers who expose criminality suffer the consequences while those