Second MTA lease issued to property owned by chairman’s family
It’s literally all in the family at the Malta
Let them eat baked beans
The last few months have been tough and the
Arts Council flouting procurement rules despite NAO warning
The Malta Arts Council, with former Labour TV CEO
MTA never commissioned the study it used to justify surge in sponsorships
The Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) has once again been
MTA’s Lionel Gerada is a good boy, lawyers insist
Lionel Gerada, the political canvasser of former minister Konrad
MTA rents villa from chairman’s father-in-law at €50,000 a year
The price of a villa in Msida that the
The politics behind the budget
Robert Abela has hyped up tomorrow’s mini-budget. He’s said
Konrad Mizzi appointed canvasser to top MTA post despite criminal record
The man former Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi chose to
Failed promises lead to increase in waiting list for social housing
The number of people on the waiting list for
Government spent over €66,000 on promoting the 2019 Budget
The government spent over €66,000 advertising the 2019 Budget
The future of Europe
The European Commission has presented the draft European Budget