Greylisting: Over 100 companies blame weak, selective rule of law – survey
When employers were asked why they thought Malta was
Dark clouds on the horizon
Robert Abela has chosen his hill to die on.
Tarnished gold
Finally, after far too many long years, the European
Parallel scandals
The former prime minister was sentenced to 12 years
Audit firms rubbish Brian Tonna’s claim they shared Castille offices
Malta’s largest audit firms rubbished claims made by Nexia
Political responsibility is the new serenity
‘Political responsibility’ is the latest buzzword to capture the
Hijacked nation
The European Parliament’s resolution condemning the Malta Labour Party’s
Finding Egrant: What we know now
Egrant almost ended up owned by a Brazilian, which
Civil society out on bail 
If you want to understand why 79 non-governmental organisations
Joseph Muscat’s chief of staff Keith Schembri will head back to jail as magistrate lists concerns
Keith Schembri and other Kasco Group associates Malcolm Scerri
Keith Schembri’s day of reckoning
The hearing in the compilation of evidence against 11
Nexia BT in the dock
The first hearing in a compilation of evidence against
Standards are worthless without accountability
Regulations exist on paper, but laws are only as
Smoke and mirrors: police arrests but no charges against government officials
The police and the Office of the Attorney General
‘You are not credible, I am sorry’ – former Chief Justice tells Keith Schembri
The public inquiry hearing on Monday touched upon a
Judges grill a defiant Joseph Muscat about ‘environment of impunity’
The inquiry board looking into the assassination of journalist
Machiavelli: The Princess
The meteoric Miriam Dalli has landed back in Malta.
‘I choose not to respond’ – Brian Tonna and Karl Cini tell Inquiry Board
Nexia BT’s Brian Tonna and Karl Cini remained tight-lipped
Parliamentary Secretary for Citizenship Alex Muscat fails to explain income from Nexia BT
Alex Muscat, parliamentary secretary for citizenship, has failed to
The legacy of a few men
The world is aware that Malta, under the premiership
Accountancy board slammed by judges over lack of action against Nexia BT
Judges grew increasingly frustrated with Accountancy Board Chairman Peter
Water Services Corporation gives €65,000 in direct orders to Nexia BT
Nexia BT, the company subjected to the court freezing
Two countries, two murders that deserve answers
Guest commentary by John Christmas, an exiled whistleblower living
Former Economic Crimes Unit chief admits to police inaction on scandals
The second testimony of Ian Abdilla, the former head
Omtzigt backs call for Europol Joint Investigation Team
Special Rapporteur Pieter Omtzigt called on the Maltese authorities
Keith Schembri’s wife shareholder in roadwork company receiving millions in government work
Updated with follow-up revelations. Josette Schembri Vella, the wife
The consequence of Joseph Muscat
Since Joseph Muscat came to power in 2013, with

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