Pulcinella’s secret
Some junior minister whose name is not worth remembering
An economy of authentic fakes
It’s easy to think that the Passport Papers are
An unsavoury business
Selling citizenship was always an unsavoury business, but surely
Concerns on ‘impunity afforded’ to Muscat, Schembri, Mizzi – LIBE Committee report
Updated to include debate at the European Parliament MEPs
New Enemalta boss Jonathan Cardona gives assistant Monica Farrugia €105,000 top post
Tista’ taqra dan l-artiklu bil-Malti hawn. Monica Farrugia, formerly
Evarist Bartolo blames you
The nerve of some politicians. In Evarist Bartolo’s recent
Police investigate fresh claims of corruption at Identity Malta
The economic crimes unit of the Malta police force
It’s not me, it’s them
I can’t remember when I realised there was a
How to brainwash partisan viewers in 3 simple steps
A new study examining the impact of partisan media
Grey list woes – FATF assessors won’t only be looking at bank transfers and box ticking
Are you one of the many Maltese people finding
Quiet please, we’re voting
The ‘Day of Reflection’ is upon us. No, it
Voters in Malta love a good thief
I know ‘Only in Malta’ has become a cliche,
A low, dishonest decade
“Uncertain and afraid of a low dishonest decade,” WH
Will we ever learn? – Paul Bonello
Guest post by financial services practitioner Paul Bonello Earlier
Malta’s options are running out
The impunity enjoyed by the disgraced former prime minister
The great stagnation
A great stagnation is upon us, and it isn’t
Malta’s newest batch of citizens: Putin insiders, a game hunter, and an oilman facing sanctions
An analysis of the list published by the government
Looking back to move forward
Injustice, in one form or another, is the subject
The Shift turns four
Amid the bustle of our investigations, newsroom meetings, reports,
Humpty Dumpty’s country
Around Europe, the patron saint of hunters is St
Our pledge to Daphne Caruana Galizia
Four years after the heinous assassination of Malta’s leading
Malta’s worst recession in decades
With his trademark smirk and mocking insolence, Joseph Muscat
The enemy is the state 
The State is under siege. Its enemies are everywhere.
Massaging morale
“The success of Team Malta is the Labour Party’s
Divine accountability
“That which I do, I do before God”. This
Enabling slavery
On 14 March 2015, Leilei Liao was found in
Delusional vows won’t get us off grey list any faster
PN leader Bernard Grech pledged yesterday he would get
Gafa’s gaffes
Police Commissioner Angelo Gafa finally called a press conference.

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