Why Brexit won’t happen
This article is later than planned because I am
Edward Scicluna must go
Brussels has warned Malta it would face court action
Mafia behind Italy’s anti-immigrant rant
Lega Nord’s increase in popularity in Italy’s southern region
Nationalism is the new black
Nationalism is on the rise and it does not
Welcome to Malta, where saving lives is a crime, but fuel smuggling isn’t
The captain of the MV Lifeline was taken to
NGOs are doing what the EU is unwilling to do
We live in an upside down world. Take Malta,
Confidential, you say?
I’m not proposing here to discuss whether Judge Scerri
Civil society matters
Democracy is defined as ‘rule of the people’. Since
We cannot be silenced
Eight months ago the country was shocked by the
State run by crooks for benefit of crooks
Malta’s geographical location means it has always played an
Muscat and Salvini cut from the same cloth 
New Spanish Socialist prime minister Pedro Sanchez has done
Keeping up appearances
For decades, cartoonists and street artists have exaggerated the
Burying the inconvenient truth
Magistrate Anthony Vella, in charge of the inquiry into
Abortion debate goes beyond sinners and saints
One thing this country will never get is a
Oh My Treasure Island
The report published by two Italian organisations which study
How Labour sold off socialism (and its soul)
At a hall in Pyongyang, the capital of North
A soulless metropolis built on dirty money 
The latest revelations coming from a New York court
Rethinking tourism
Tourist numbers continue to grow as do calls for
Fake feminism from a fake government
Anna Borg, the director of the Centre for Labour
GUEST POST: An assault on people’s right to know
manueldelia.com has been on line for a few days
Methodology of undermining the Fourth Estate 
As long as the Fourth Estate is seen as
A new way that’s the same way
On Friday, The Shift News published an article that
Power to the People!
Very broadly speaking, there are three categories of states.
The return to infantilism
Just a few days ago parliamentary secretary for sport
Wealthier politicians, friendlier patrons?
In another EU state, even a whiff of hidden
Money Laundering: Who cares?
Money laundering is one of the key ‘engines of
Żażu’s challange stretches beyond the football pitch
The appointment of Ray ‘Żażu’ Farrugia as coach of
Was Cambridge Analytica’s psychological warfare used in Malta?
This week Cambridge Analytica, as well as its parent
1 May: Idolatry and Xenophobia
The 1st of May or what is known as
Malta in the dock
Pilatus Bank owner Ali Sadr has not been accused

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