Bigger, bolder, stronger
It is going to take so much more than
What our architecture says about us
“If you want to understand what’s most important to
Three Billboards Outside Castille, Valletta
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. A captivating film, that breaks out
A serene, democratic government?
After assuming office in the shadow of the Brexit
Refusing oppression, not dissent
“What is a rebel? A man who says no,
The divisive, self-proclaimed sovereigns of truth
Daphne Caruana Galizia once spoke of a necessarily criminal
Vitals shady deal has opened wound in our national health service
The public perception to health care has changed and
The political strategists’ endgame
The Government has a lot to be thankful for
Rizzo nomination: valid or not?
The news that former Police Commissioner John Rizzo had
Justice, against all odds
In court last Tuesday, with a few minutes at
Progressing backwards
It is worrying that the Education Commissioner within the
Credit where credit is due
While there is no doubt that the head of
Gozo: Worth the promise
Gozo is a very conveniently packaged proposition for politicians. It
Government’s own projections show Sadeen will breach AUM contract
On 14 December 2015 Parliament held a marathon session
Revitalising political engagement among youth
The youth are growing accustomed, if not sick, of
Deal, no deal actually
It turns out that Opposition Leader Adrian Delia’s Christmas
Hungrier by the minute
The appetite for more is growing.  Cafe’ Premier was
Five trolls you’ll meet on social media (and how to deal with them)
Anyone who uses social media regularly must have experienced
We’re in deep sh*t, more than we know
It all started with, “oh, so what! These are
Why does the PM keep the Commissioner?
There have been repeated calls for the removal of
The way out of this mess
Everywhere you look in Malta, besides the crooks, you
Concrete steps for the development of democracy
Prof Kevin Aquilina, the Dean of the Faculty of
Libel: Time to turn the tables
Journalists have been attacked time and time again in
The University I am for
In April of this year, the Ministry for Education
Corruption: We are our own problem
It was one of those completely serendipitous moments. I
The song of the Sausage Peoples
You hear it at night, carried on the heavy
What women are still up against
Former GWU chief Tony Zarb’s comments were just the
Of Protests and Business as Usual
In today’s Malta the majority of Maltese people have
A human economy
Free markets fail to give due consideration to the

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