Opinion: Triple whammy
Elwyn Brooks White is probably best known as the
Opinjoni: Mhijiex qiegħda fejn hu postha
This opinion was originally written in English. Id-Deputat Repubblikan
Opinion: The thin-skinned president
President George Vella had one last opportunity to show
Opinion: Freezing this Christmas
Daphne Caruana Galizia famously broke the news about the
Opinion: Not where she belongs
Read a translation of this opinion piece in Maltese.
Opinjoni: Meta l-mistħija tmut
This opinion was originally written in English. This below
Opinion: Carmen Ciantar’s blood letting
Kim Jong-Il had a supernatural birth upon a sacred
Opinion: The death of shame
Din l-opinjoni tista taqragħha bil-Malti. Standards Commissioner Joseph Azzopardi
Opinjoni: żball oħxon ta’ Joseph Muscat
This opinion was originally written in English. This below
Opinion: Joseph Muscat’s blunder
This opinion piece is available in Maltese. “Today, for
Opinion: Bravo Clayton
Clayton Bartolo has done it again, messing up so
Opinion: Orders are orders
“I was just following orders” is an easy excuse. 
Opinion: The caring society
Among the proposals included in a public consultation document
Opinion: Clayton Bartolo’s garbage
Minister Clayton Bartolo surreptitiously tabled an abridged version of
Opinion: Missing the wood for the trees
Robert Abela stood outside parliament answering questions about the
Only in Malta
A hilarious local website exposes the absurd and ridiculous
Playing God in Gaza
There is a story in the bible, in the
Opinion: Justice is not a witch hunt
Joseph Muscat reacted to the damning court sentence calling
Opinion: Waiting for the magistrate
On 19 June 2016, Ram Tumuluri, standing next to
Opinjoni: Il-President, għadu qed jonqos minn dmiru
This article is available in English. Meta taħseb li
Opinion: Integrity counts
In March 2023, the court declared the Vitals hospital
Opinion: The dominoes will fall
Sidney Powell was the wildest of Donald Trump’s diehards
An epic failure of blockbuster proportions
Tista taqra dan l-artiklu bil-Malti. For the past four
Opinion: Courting injustice
Robert Abela’s finger-wagging antics in parliament on Monday night
Opinion: The President, still failing in his duty
Tista taqra dan l-artiklu bil-Malti. When you think President
Opinion: Who will love our children?
It is with a heavy heart that I take
Opinion: The scene is set for another assassination
On 16 October 2017, around 16:15, I was lying
Opinion: Caruana Galizia’s nightmare still isn’t over
Almost six years to the day since Daphne Caruana
Opinion: Abela’s monstrosity
Would you give a dangerous driver a licence? Would
Opinion: An unsafe, threatening place
Aqra dan l-artiklu bil-Malti On 7 July 2017, Minister

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