The failed state of the man who would be il-Kink
Malta’s democracy looks like someone in the last stages
In the name of the people… Go!
In one of Malta’s darkest weeks, as Europe (and
If Muscat won’t bail out, he must be pushed
After a tumultuous week, it is evident that Joseph
Joseph Muscat’s fight for survival
There’s a hole in the space where Joseph Muscat’s
That final blog post
The situation is desperate, and even worse since Daphne
Whispering a revolution
In May 2017 I co-founded a group called the
Our tough man in Castille
It shouldn’t need saying, but it’s part of our
Who’s watching the watcher?
What if Yorgen Fenech decided to ask for a
Owen Bonnici’s shattered serenity
Owen Bonnici had a bad night. Why would he
The faces of an assassination
The three men accused of carrying out the murder
Justice before clickbait
A ‘businessman’ did not commission the assassination of journalist
‘First, Let’s Kill All the Lawyers’
‘First, Let’s Kill All the Lawyers’. Let that thought
The sanity of crowds
“What is there new to say?” asked Petra Caruana,
Potholes and the government meme machine
A hole is not a hole in the upside-down
Schembri finally got his day in court, and he chose to run away
Well, that didn’t go very well, did it? In
Dodging the truth on pushback
“I was mistaken when it comes to the pushback,”
The Three Amigos Ride Again
The three Cabinet ministers with special involvement in the
The Attorney General’s unappealing intention
In this long read, Jacques René Zammit looks at
Sant’s rant is a distraction
Alfred Sant is unhappy that the European Court of
A toxic mix of planning and politics
The most unexpected aspect of the controversial permit for
‘This is not on’, said the Dodger to the fly
Dodging journalists. Avoiding interviews. Running away from tough questions.
Parliament should summon Neville Gafà
For too long, the press has declined to address
They killed a journalist and created a monster
You have to ask what motivates a man to
Another paper tiger
This government has a strong record of creating paper
Defending precious spaces of Cospicua
On Sunday morning, residents of Senglea and Cospicua braved
‘They did it, too!’
“It’s okay to give Kurt Farrugia Malta Enterprise because
A dirty bill of health
No well-governed country is immune from corruption. Normally, however,
How much does Malta have to give?
Malta has a racism problem, and nothing is being
What will make them listen?
The dust is settling after a week of collective
Identity Malta and Hitchens’ Razor
The late Christopher Hitchens, scourge of humbuggery, once formulated

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