Repubblika shoots down disgraced former EU Commissioner Dalli’s demands for apology

Repubblika president Robert Aquilina described the situation in Malta as “surreal” when an individual who should be facing charges in court can instead issue statements demanding an apology from civil society organisations for quoting what the police commissioner said on record eight years ago.

Aquilina was reacting to a statement issued by disgraced former EU Commissioner John Dalli in which he demanded an apology from the NGO for including him in a list of people profiled in a protest the organisation held in front of the police headquarters in Valletta on Tuesday.

Aquilina pointed out that it was Police Commissioner Angelo Gafa who said in an interview with Newsbook in 2015: “I still believe there is a case against John Dalli”. He also reminded Dalli that Gafa had told a parliamentary committee that the police had received a recommendation from the Attorney General to proceed against him as far back as 2013.

“It’s a surreal situation,” the organisation’s president said, adding that Dalli’s demand for an apology was a reflection of just how “ridiculous” the situation in the country had become.

Following up on the organisation’s demands yesterday, Aquilina reminded the police commissioner it was time to take action against a list of individuals Repubblika referred to as “criminals in command”.

Dalli was among those profiled, including also Joseph and Michelle Muscat, former ministers Chris Cardona and Konrad Mizzi, MP Rosianne Cutajar as well as a number of top police officials named in various scandals, those involved in the Electrogas deal and the MFSA scandal.

Repubblika will not apologise to Dalli, activist and blogger Manuel Delia said in a tweet earlier today, telling Dalli to: “Fuck off while I laugh”.


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Carmelo Borg
1 year ago

Good one MANWEL

1 year ago

John De La La!
Criminal and Buffoon.
We await your next public pronouncement 🙂
Grateful for the free entertainment

Eduard Azzopardi
Eduard Azzopardi
1 year ago

Dalli thinks that he is king One-eye in the Grey land on the blinds Malta.

Rita Saliba
Rita Saliba
1 year ago

This man is a living embodiment of depravity. He is so deeply rooted in his dishonesty and greed that he lives his lies. He is numb to any awareness of wrongdoing to the extent that he still thinks he can defend his malfaisance and still manage to pull the wool over people’s eyes till – he thinks – they also start believing his lies. This defines the very incarnation of depravity. Barroso gave him a Hobson’s choice. Resign voluntarily and keep your perks, pension, boni etc but to hell with you, or refuse to resign and you’ll be forced to do so, thereby forfeiting everything and leaving empty-handed. It did not take long for Dalli to “choose”. But being allowed to hold on to his priveleges was not enough after he flew out of Brussels. He wanted more, much more. Living as he does in a dream world of impunity, he wants rehabilitation, imaginary monetary compensation, political recognition and apologies. Many apologies. Maltese is brilliant at proverbs. We describe greed with the words: Trida thobbla u tredda. Translation: you want it pregnant and breast-feeding simultaneously (cross-reference to animal breeding). In this pervert Dalli’s case, he is not happy with it being pregnant and breast-feeding, No! he wants to milk it and slaughter it for the meat over and above………but it has to stay alive, pregnant, breast-feeding, milk-and meat-producing.

Last edited 1 year ago by Rita Saliba

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