Repubblika protest in front of police headquarters profiles ‘criminals in command’

Civil society NGO tells police commissioner it’s his ‘moment of truth’, asks for prosecutions of corrupt authority figures


Carrying pictures of former police commissioners, ministers and government officials who resigned in disgrace after being linked to corruption, members of Repubblika held a protest in front of the police’s headquarters on Tuesday evening to condemn the lack of prosecutions since the start of the tenure of current police commissioner Angelo Gafa’.

“This is the moment of truth for you and the corps you lead, and for the country as a whole,” Repubblika president Robert Aquilina said in a speech.

“You can either choose to follow the footsteps of police commissioners who went as far as arresting their predecessors, or the road chosen by your direct predecessor, Lawrence Cutajar,” Aquilina said.

“If you choose to do the right thing, without any dragging of feet, we promise we’ll be standing shoulder-to-shoulder with you. But if you choose the darker road, the road leading to omerta’, you’ll find us opposing you,” he added.

Aquilina explained that Repubblika’s protest was being held in front of the police’s headquarters because “the defence of what is right and the fight against what is manifestly wrong begins in this very building”.

Repubblika also took commissioner Gafa’ to task for failing to take any kind of action against colleagues such as former deputy commissioner Silvio Valletta or former police commissioner Lawrence Cutajar when he was CEO of the police force, prior to his redeployment as commissioner.

“There is not a single person in Malta or Gozo that does not know of the obscenities that have been committed in these headquarters,” Aquilina said.

“There is not one person who does not know that the police corps are still protecting a class of people who think that, just because they have power and money, nobody can touch them,” he added.

He also called out Gafa’ for his recent efforts to superficially “rebrand” the police force, arguing that the commissioner will ultimately be judged on merits of “concrete results”.

“So far, Mr Gafa’, we have seen absolutely nothing of the sort from you. You have the most important decision in your career ahead of you,” Aquilina said, referring to Repubblika’s pleas to prosecute figures such as the former commissioner, disgraced former prime minister Joseph Muscat, former chief of staff Keith Schembri and former energy minister Konrad Mizzi.

“History will judge you for your behaviour in the upcoming months. Mr Gafa’, do not allow these criminals to remain in command,” he said.

His full speech in the videos below:





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1 year ago

Thanks to Repubblika for this timely and important focus.

1 year ago

About time. These criminals have been using the pandemic to shield themselves.

Graham Crompton
Graham Crompton
1 year ago

With you all the way.
Can’t be there as I live in Spain,but have a vested interest in seeing corruption wiped out,as my pension was wiped out by corruption which is not being investigated,despite asking every regulatory body to investigate,and providing evidence to back it up.

1 year ago

Repubblika is doing a great job – but why aren’t the ultra-corrupt PN rogues included? This omission is serous and does eat into the pressure group’s credibility.

Last edited 1 year ago by Chris

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