‘Who is really betraying Malta?’

Carlo Bonini, the investigative journalist behind the documentary on Caruana Galizia’s death, joined the list of those who reacted to government consultant Tony Zarb’s video broadcast in which the former union boss said he was glad assassinated journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia was no longer alive.

La Repubblica journalist Bonini asked, “Who is really betraying Malta?” in a Twitter post.

In his regular broadcasts on social media Zarb said: “Continue with your stupid antics (bużulotti), continue placing flowers for her and adoring her, but the most important thing for our Malta is that she never returns”.

He was referring to the conflict developing at the site of the Great Siege Monument that has been barricaded to prevent citizens from placing candles, flowers and messages calling for freedom and justice for assassinated journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia at its base.

The former head of the General Workers Union added: “Let’s keep creating wealth for Malta, let’s keep on defending Malta and let’s keep on saying ‘Viva Malta’ because our Malta is truly going through the best of times”.

Hundreds of comments criticising, insulting and condemning Zarb’s statement were posted on social media as many pointed out that freedom of speech did not give one the right to insult or use hate speech.

Socialist MEP Ana Gomes also called him out and asked the Maltese government what was being done about it.

Soon after the video emerged, former PN general secretary Paul Borg Olivier formally requested President Marie Louise Coleiro to strip Zarb of his Gieh ir-Repubblika honour, which he did not deserve because of his hate speech.

The President replied, saying she took note of his request and that this could only be done through a parliamentary resolution.

This was not the first time Borg Olivier made such a request. He had done so after Zarb compared women activists protesting outside Castille to prostitutes. He then deleted his Facebook post and apologised to “genuine women”.


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