Nothing is going to stop Muscat now 

So there you have it. Joseph Muscat is unquestionably innocent. History has absolved him. The Prime Minster and his family fell victim to the biggest lie ever told in history. And it doesn’t end there.

Simon Busuttil is the mastermind of the biggest lie in history and he should pay for it dearly. Luckily for him capital punishment has been abolished in Malta otherwise he would have been sent to the gallows while the rejoicing crowds chanted ‘Viva l-Lejbor’.

Never mind that every shred of evidence scraped together by Magistrate Aaron Bugeja in the yet unpublished report could be challenged in court. Never mind that digging up information on a secret company in one of the most secretive jurisdictions on earth is as easy as finding out whether any form of intelligent life exists on other planets.

Never mind that the 1,500-page report is being kept under lock by the very same person who was subject to the inquiry. Never mind that the report is being leaked selectively to his friends to create a narrative which suits the regime.

Since the Egrant story broke, Muscat and his mercenaries longed for closure and although Bugeja’s report is anything but, the narrative being created is edging the country towards the precipice of impunity.

The boys and girls at Castille must be gleefully patting themselves on the back. The ease in replacing a lack of proof with a narrative built on equally unproven and unchallenged evidence must have taken even them by surprise. The way things unfolded since Muscat’s tearful performance last month has emboldened him and his entourage. Nothing is going to stop them now.

But the question which hangs over the rest of the country now is ‘what are we left with?’ Let’s for one very brief nano-second put aside Muscat’s plan to destroy any form of opposition and the PN’s Ides of July.

All we’re left with is memories of what once was a sleepy and hospitable country.All we’re left with is the stark reality of a shitty quality of life.

What once were azure waters are full of slime, fruit and vegetables are full of pesticides and the country has been turned into a permanent building site. Air pollution is among the worst in Europe, cars are everywhere and trees are being uprooted to make way for more tarmac and petrol stations.

The economic miracle of Greek proportions is creating more poverty and greed has become a national pastime.

But at least we can console ourselves with Muscat’s plans for total domination, a leader of the opposition who plays a vital role in Muscat’s plans and a media eager to vindicate its masters.

Taking sides is as inevitable as it is pointless but whoever in any way or form supports or props up the eternal dualistic system is fostering more inequality and environmental destruction.

The declining quality of life is not collateral damage of growth but it is the direct result of the decisions taken in Castille (and the lifestyle of each and everyone of us). It is the result of the neo-liberal creed imposed on us by our so-called representatives for the past three decades. It is also the result of policies designed to win elections rather than safeguard our natural heritage and our wellbeing.

And singing from Muscat’s hymn sheet not only legitimises corruption, impunity and the immobilisation of state institutions but it also strengthens the establishment’s hand in destroying our quality of life.

Every time we endorse Muscat’s claim to innocence in a vacuum of proof we are also making it more difficult for present and future generations to take the power back from the elected and unelected few who place profit and power before our health and wellbeing.

For the only way to improve our quality of life is to take power back from the political class. But at this rate, there a bigger chance of Malta winning the World Cup in Qatar in four years’ time.


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