Malta fails to meet EU journalist safety recommendations – RSF
European Union Member States, including Malta, must move quickly
Media reform: ‘No debate before public consultation’ – PN
The PN said no debate on the newly proposed
Help or leverage? Government’s opacity with media funding raises questions
The news that an Italian court handed a prison
Red herrings and smokescreens
A couple of days ago, after the news broke
620 attacks on journalists during pandemic signals worsening global climate for the press
The COVID-19 pandemic proved to be a significant challenge
Former MFSA boss signed-off on €12m direct orders in 2 years
Joseph Cuschieri, the former chief executive of the Malta
Si yo fuera Maradona (If I were Maradona)
I learnt this week of an interview given by
‘No EU funds for government-controlled media or political propaganda’ – MEPs
Media freedom in Europe has declined MEPs deplore harassment
Wilful ineptitude
“The court would like to make it absolutely clear
Three years on, The Shift’s role is more urgent than ever
Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination just over three years ago
A Mission to Inform: Book features one last recorded interview of assassinated journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia
Pressure and harassment against journalists continue to limit the
Trouble with the truth
Every time new findings are exposed and the authorities
Broadcasting Authority ruling makes perverse situation worse
A ruling by the Broadcasting Authority (BA) this week
‘Courageous investigative journalism must be protected’ – RSF
Reporters without Borders (RSF) Director of International Campaigns, Rebecca
Editor’s statement in response to DOI’s claims on press access
The government’s Department of Information has issued a statement
‘A deep structural injustice’ – CoE notes lack of investigation on Daphne’s death
The Council of Europe’s media freedom report notes its
Forty years of State lies: RSF reveals leaked Iran file on persecution of critics
Over 850 journalists and citizen-journalists were prosecuted, arrested, imprisoned
Reporters Without Borders named Dan David Prize winner
International press freedom organisation Reporters Without Borders won the
Venice Commission report shows ‘Malta is not a functioning democracy’
No country that calls itself a democracy can live
47 journalists killed in 2018
Forty-seven journalists, media workers and citizen journalists were killed
Omertà – our collusion in the great corrupt takeover
The press did not choose to inform us about

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