‘The State’s money should not be used for political purposes’ – Standards Commissioner
Former standards commissioner George Hyzler on Thursday defended the
Human rights violator handed public broadcasting
The man formerly responsible for trampling on the free
Prove us wrong, Robert Abela
Newly-returned Prime Minister Robert Abela starts his fresh legislature
Robert Abela’s cabinet to cost €100 million
Malta is again set to register a new EU
Out with some of the old
The new leaders have been appointed. These are the
Almost 20% of Labour MPs elected in 2017 are no longer in parliament
Close to 20% of MPs elected in Joseph Muscat’s
Finance minister conceals last three years of Air Malta accounts, previously always made public
Finance Minister Clyde Caruana has repeatedly refused to answer
Robert Abela’s plan of attack
In Friday’s speech to Labour’s general party conference, Robert
EXCLUSIVE: Muscat paid €120,000 in secret golden handshake
Maltese taxpayers have been billed a hefty €120,000 to
You’re bankrolling personal fiefdoms
Robert Abela has problems on his hands, and they’re
New role for Silvio Parnis following Cabinet exclusion
Former Active Aging Parliamentary Secretary, Silvio Parnis, has been
Judges in the dock 
It was the Roman satirist Juvenal who asked, Who
The cabal matters, not the ‘Kitchen Cabinet’
Ten years ago, our public discourse was exercised by
OPM won’t say what benefits Joseph Muscat is receiving since resignation
The Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) is refusing
Inglourious Custards
Courage is one virtue you can’t fake. That’s why
Rule of law reforms reflect Prime Minister’s reluctance to shift power
If first impressions count, then the first impression of
Police commissioner should be chosen by parliament – Pieter Omtzigt
Special Rapporteur Pieter Omtzigt has called on the Maltese
The elephant in the room is only getting bigger
The people’s virus The weekend began with the virtual
Resignation is not absolution
Robert Abela’s era is being heralded as a glorious
Robert Abela set a new record
On his first day in office, Abela gave to
Government confirms The Shift’s findings on Cabinet salaries increase
During a press briefing on Monday to which The

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