Prime Minister was warned of Transport Malta sexual harassment a year ago
The Prime Minister had been specifically warned about the
Elderly homes residents find bank accounts closed after due diligence exercises
Several elderly bank account holders, particularly those of Bank
Government ignores Opposition’s call for parliamentary scrutiny and appoints new BCA chair
The government on Tuesday ignored an appeal from the
Education regulator stepped down shortly after AUM licence renewal
The chairman of the Malta Further and Higher Education
‘Super CEO’ confirmed but minister refuses to reveal his two salaries
Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo has confirmed The Shift’s recent
One Maltese named in bizarre Italian Antarctic money laundering scam
In what was possibly one of the most ludicrous
Kamra tal-Periti investigating BCA chair who resigned over demolition debacle
Architect Marisa Schembri Grima is under investigation by her
Opposition blocks Fortina’s large sea area concession
The Opposition has temporarily blocked the government’s intention to
Malta still to legally implement EU ban on the use of lead shot in wetlands
As of 15 February 2023, Malta was amongst 30
Justice minister a no-show at his own media law public consultation
Justice Minister Jonathan Attard was a no-show at Wednesday’s
Portelli hid behind ic-Caqnu as latest construction debacle unravelled
Gozitan construction magnate Joseph Portelli hid behind Polidano Brothers
No elections, no film awards
Film Commissioner Johann Grech refuses to reply to questions
Lawlessness: more residences being turned into cramped, cheap dormitories
Hundreds of rental properties across the country are being
LuxLeaks whistleblower wins ECHR case after revealing multinationals’ tax evasion
A former PricewaterhouseCoopers employee convicted after disclosing details with a journalist
Education minister evades AUM criteria questions now three times in a row
With the American University of Malta staking its reputation
Lands minister withholds explanation on Little Armier beach takeover
Lands Minister Silvio Schembri is not explaining how three
Active ageing minister puts predecessor on the payroll as a person of trust
Active Ageing Minister Jo-Etienne Caruana, who was elected for
Operation La Vallette follow-up investigation yields 21 more arrests
Follow-up investigations just over a year on from Operation
FMS boss still being paid three times more than her closest managers
The Shift’s recent report that the Deputy Prime Minister’s
Popular swimming area larger than two football grounds set for Fortina Group
A popular rocky beach in Tigne stands to be
Dodgy dealings: Muscat, Mizzi, a SOCAR president and a $22 million mansion
The son of the SOCAR president who dealt with
Russian resistance: journalist Marina Ovsyannikova describes her harrowing escape
It was an iconic moment at the start of
Spanish court sets sights on Malta SICAV laundering stolen Venezuelan oil funds
The Spanish courts have set their sights on a
Imported cheap labour dominating job market as 77% earn under €20,000 a year
As Malta continues to see unprecedented and unrestrained population
Rights groups call on MEPs to end ‘abuse of state funds for clientelist media’
With independent media under growing economic and political pressure
187 new police recruits failed entry exam on first attempt, five on the second
Apparently desperately keen to swell its ranks with new
Public transport operator turns a profit on ‘inefficient’ service
Malta Public Transport Services (Operations) Limited increased its operating
Environment watchdog to be led by development permits champion
The government is tasking architect Vince Cassar with a
Identity Malta inundated with AFM part-timers but minister evades giving details
Interior Minister Byron Camilleri has confirmed The Shift’s recent
JAC should have known of nominated magistrate’s criminal charges
The Judicial Appointments Committee seems to have found a

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