Joseph Muscat: Hero of two worlds
He was one of those rare people who, despite
Unfit for office, and oblivious
He was screwing his face up, scowling and frowning,
Massaging morale
“The success of Team Malta is the Labour Party’s
Facts don’t matter
“One News was incorrect and not faithful to the
The vote buyer
“I have a duty to help whenever possible”.  This
Divine accountability
“That which I do, I do before God”. This
The Fall
“You are a father and a family man, what
Fearne’s fuel 
On 23 November 1996, three young Ethiopians hijacked Flight
Bedingfield’s banality
Why do ordinary people do appalling things? The political
Burying bad news
“Another positive certificate for Malta,” ONE News announced after
Edward’s plagued acquaintances
What is your relationship with Yorgen Fenech? This was
Predictive failure
“Hospital numbers confirm that COVID is under control” Robert
Once, we had a country
Once, we had a country – until Joseph Muscat
Enabling slavery
On 14 March 2015, Leilei Liao was found in
Gafa’s gaffes
Police Commissioner Angelo Gafa finally called a press conference.
Reputation laundering
Which company did Aleksander Lukashenko, Europe’s last dictator of
The ruin of dishonesty
“We didn’t deserve it”. “Only three countries wanted us
How positivity ebbs
The ever positive former prime minister Joseph Muscat is
 The pontificating poser
“This poser was behind the greatest lie of the
Abusing the bereaved
Glenn Bedingfield, in his latest parliamentary streak of callousness,
Jason Micallef’s foreign interference
President George Vella called for an end to politically
Robert Abela’s fantasies
With a straight face Robert Abela announced Malta will
Uncivil defender of the nation
Alex Agius Saliba’s face, contorted with hostility and wounded
If you can, you must
Doctors are trained to heal.  They have the capability
Parallel scandals
The former prime minister was sentenced to 12 years
Curiouser and curiouser
After eating magic cake, Alice’s neck shot up like
For the people or against?
“One is either for the people or against” Joseph
Unfit for office
Minister Carmelo Abela is so dishonourable that he disgraces
Truth is the enemy
“The PN turned the European Parliament against Malta with
Passport perfidy
“We have to agree that the passport programme is

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