International call for press freedom on anniversary of journalist’s assassination
Around 30 Italian journalists are coming together to visit
PA Board member who voted for DB Group project owns real estate agency selling apartments
Matthew Pace, one of 10 Planning Board members to
Aren’t you glad you’re funding the Labour Party’s electoral success?
A year after the Labour Party shot to power
Government clears memorial (again) and puts up its own banner
In what has become a ridiculous show of force
‘You can cover up all the monuments, but we’ll still be here’
Citizens voiced their determination to keep up the struggle
‘Urgent’ restoration works on Great Siege monument not yet started a week later
The ‘restoration’ works the government claimed were needed on
Protesters deserve our gratitude
We got used to the fact that law enforcement
‘Europe must remain a tolerant, open continent’ – Juncker’s State of the Union
Migration dominated European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker’s fourth annual
It’s not freedom when you have no choice
Public land does not stop being public just because
Is the wanted ‘professor’ dead?
Joseph Mifsud, the Maltese ‘professor’ formerly based in London
The catch behind the Blockchain Island gold rush
Crypto-exchanges moving to Malta before October could operate until
No political will for public inquiry into journalist’s assassination
The most significant aspect of the government’s reply to
17 Black: Why no action against Mizzi and Schembri?
Socialist MEP Ana Gomes called on the Maltese authorities
‘If these are Malta’s best times, I’d like to know what hell is’ – residents
At White Rocks this morning, an individual felt compelled
Killing a journalist a second time
It’s 10 months down the line, and the only
All’s well in the land of happy endings
Further investigations by The Shift into massage parlours operating
The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?
There is one “ruthless mastermind” the country is after
Government use of “fake news” should stop – UK committee
A British parliamentary committee has recommended that the UK
Anniversary of death of anti-mafia prosecutor Paolo Borsellino
On Sunday, 19 July 1992, at around 4.57pm, a
Investigative journalist’s murder inquiry ‘inadequate and violated human rights’ – European court
The investigation into the murder of prominent Russian investigative
UPDATED: Owen Bonnici defends V18 chairman in grilling at twin capital of culture
Updated to include reaction from CEO of Leeuwarden Friesland
Azerbaijani journalist detained with 13 others for social media posts
The founder of an independent website has disappeared in
Satabank fined €60,500 by MFSA
Satabank has been fined €60,500 as an administrative penalty
US Trafficking in Persons Report 2018: modern slavery in Malta
The government did not make efforts to reduce the
‘There is no migration crisis, there is a political crisis’ – EUCO
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat did not stop to explain
Daphne’s assassination was ‘planned and premeditated long in advance’
Pieter Omtzigt who is preparing a report for the
Joseph Muscat turns his back on Labour online hate groups
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said on Monday evening in
The two Trumps of the Mediterranean
On the eve of a meeting between EU leaders
UPDATED: Spain again offers help with migrant rescue vessel
Spain has been in contact with Malta to offer

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