Chamber of Architects calls for reform of planning regulations

The Chamber of Architects has urged the government to reform its planning laws and “move away from its dependence on development control policies to regulate development, and in favour of masterplans that produce comprehensive, researched, and thorough strategic plans for each of Malta’s towns and villages”.

The statement was made as part of a consultation reply from the Chamber of Architects regarding proposed revisions to Policy P35 of the Development Control Design Policy, Guidance and Standards 2015.

The Planning Authority is currently running a public consultation to amend a policy in Development Control Design Policy, Guidance and Standards, a document commonly known as the DC15 published in 2015. Height limitations are specified in the number of floors a developer can build.

However, the proposed amendments in the DC15 document open for consultation include a table at its very end – Annex 2 – which sets out, in metres, the maximum building height for buildings with basements, semi-basements, or no basement at all.

The Chamber of Architects said the proposed amendment does not materially change the status quo, provided the building height for urban conservation areas (UCA) and villa/bungalow areas remain untouched.

However, they also call for reforms in the development control process, focusing on architectural merit and design quality.

The Chamber of Architects further proposes developing a national architecture policy, establishing design review panels, creating an urban design development strategy, and mandating architectural design competitions for all publicly funded projects.

Several NGOs oppose the proposed revisions, including Din l-Art Ħelwa and Flimkien Għal Ambjent Aħjar, Ghawdix, Moviment Graffitti and independent MEP candidate Arnold Cassola.

They argue that the DC15 guidelines have long been misused by developers to squeeze more floors out of their projects and that the proposed changes would open the door for another wave of unregulated construction in Malta and Gozo.


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Robert pace bonello
Robert pace bonello
28 days ago

Who else is responsible for the UGLIFICATION of this Country?

Stephen Forster
Stephen Forster
28 days ago


S. Camilleri
S. Camilleri
28 days ago

Why do the grey cells in my brain flash red for danger when I read any advice from the Chamber of Architects? I prefer to stick to the advice of the NGOs who have consistently shown they are in favour of the Maltese and their environment.

27 days ago

Before the 2006 Local Plans became law, I remember months of public discussion.

When DC15 was introduced, it was introduced by stealth, no-one knew about it until permits were issued. I believe DC 15 was never approved by parliament.

Correct me if I am wrong please.

So much for consultation and transparence. Deceit at it’s best.

27 days ago

Messers Stivala again?

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